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  7. Meet and Greet and Book Signing August 16 and 17
  8. Thanks, everybody...
  9. does this book have the same humour....?
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  22. The easy Guide to Your First Walt Disney World Visit 2k16 Incoming
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  24. Crowd Warning for HS on 12-15
  25. Josh and/or Dave - Is it time yet?
  26. Should I buy the newest copy now or wait?
  27. Who has the better radio face? Me or Josh
  28. Ads!!!
  29. Thanks!
  30. Meet me and Josh Today at Epcot!
  31. 2017?
  32. Benefits of the easy guide book
  33. Amazon search doesn't show the new book
  34. If you've purchased 2017, is Kindle MatchBook working?
  35. Josh joins Putin, others, in being featured in Orlando Sentinel
  36. Old link/image on main page right side bar
  37. Cheat sheets in 2017 edition
  38. Stupendous easy Guide giveaway!
  39. Animal Kingdom Updates
  40. When does the 2018 book come out?
  41. Have there been any updates to 2017?
  42. Does the book include?
  43. easy Guide July Update
  44. What's the latest status for the 2018 guide?
  45. Title reminded me of the meet-up
  46. Suggested edit for next revision of the guide book
  47. I Lost My Link
  48. Update emails are sent
  49. “Returning Visitors”
  50. Missing 7DMT on page 16 height chart
  51. 2018 or 2019 Guide?
  52. Updated version of The easy Guide
  53. 2020 edition?
  54. Is there an update to the 2019 edition?