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  1. Fast pass+ September POR
  2. FP+ throwing a wrench in things?
  3. MagicBand/FP+ question
  4. FP+ for Offsiters ???
  5. FPP+: Testing or Rollout?
  6. FP+ - oh, fudge
  7. Should I Count on FP+ Being In Effect Feb. 2014?
  8. FastPass+ question
  9. Is there an Idiot's Guide to FP+?
  10. Illuminations FP+
  11. Yay! FP+ questions!
  12. A sticky?
  13. FP+ Magic Bands, Online Check-in and Room only reservations
  14. FP Plus in MDE
  15. FP+ for BOG Quick service Lunch
  16. FP+ child swap.
  17. Hotel or Tickets?
  18. FP+ - able to book 60 days out
  19. FP+ Feb 2014 offsite & UT ticket question
  20. To test FP+ or not to test, that is the question
  21. FP+ for shows at AK?
  22. MagicBands & NO MagicBands
  23. No FastPass+ Available on a day?
  24. FP+ Ariel Grotto not Available
  25. 2 Sets of MagicBands!
  26. FP+ and Baby Swap
  27. FP+ and Christmas Party
  28. HELP PLEASE!!! Got picked to test new system- not sure if I want to!
  29. plaids and FP+ lines
  30. Here now with no FP+
  31. Is dinosaur still unconnected?
  32. Is a Magic Band the same as an RFID ticket ?
  33. FP+ for POFQ in Oct?
  34. Using someone else's mb or room card?
  35. My FP+ Selections & Thoughts
  36. Magic Bands for 1st 12 Hours of Trip, Then What?
  37. Can you access both FP+ AND regular FP for now?
  38. FP+ for parades, fireworks and QS meals
  39. FastPass+ and FastPass Rumor
  40. Do you think this is the way it is going to be?
  41. Is FP "double dipping" still working?
  42. When do I have to start worrying about this?
  43. FP+ Modifications
  44. FP+ and recommended parks
  45. Third PF+ option for Epcot
  46. FP+ and adding days to UCT ticket
  47. FP+ & Fairytale Hall
  48. Has anyone arriving in Nov. been able to reserve FP+?
  49. FP+/Halloween ticket/1st day entry?
  50. Where is the Fastpass for Rapunzel located?
  51. Can you add your photopass card to your magic Band?
  52. Scheduling FP+
  53. Anyone care to speculate with me?
  54. Hey Everyone...and FP+...
  55. FP+ with Military Salute Tickets ?
  56. FP+ AAA ticket vouchers
  57. Experience at WDW without FP+?
  58. Comp upgrade, MagicBands, FP?
  59. Fantasmic FPP?
  60. Viewing/Seating for FPP MSEP/Wishes, Illum and Fantasmic
  61. Oct FP+ Expanded
  62. Magic Bands before and after cruise
  63. I'm a newbie to the MB process, We are renting DVC points and have linked our
  64. 1 night stay to get FP+ privileges?
  65. FP+ Review
  66. Adding credit card to magic band?
  67. New rumor about FP+
  68. Any other off site people feeling left out with FP+?
  69. Using FPP in 2 parks?
  70. Off Property and FPP
  71. disconnected fps
  72. FP+ for MSEP and BoG
  73. When is FPP being rolled out to all resorts?
  74. List of FP+ attractions at the parks
  75. Oct BOG FPP Lunch open
  76. Changing FP+ time you missed
  77. BOG Fastpass+ question
  78. splitting up the group
  79. CSR and MB?
  80. How will I know??
  81. This was the most relaxing, enjoyable and fun trip yet Love MB and FP+
  82. November MB?
  83. FP+ for AP Holders and DVC Members
  84. Donating a MagicBand
  85. I'm going to be one of those people
  86. What FP+ would you choose...
  87. November FP+ Open
  88. A couple of tips for MB and MDE users
  89. Which tickets to enter park with to use paper FP?
  90. Help on FP+ - Please :)
  91. Can you use both FP+ and FP simultaneously?
  92. Is there such a thing as FP sharing?
  93. FP+ recommendations for Josh's cheat sheet
  94. Different MagicBand for AP Holders Question
  95. FP+ for F!
  96. The planning gap: the first two months of full FP+ rollout
  97. fp+ question
  98. Fast Passes - Do you have to stay at a WDW Property to get them?
  99. Which fp+ for adventure land?
  100. APs and MBs: Some Answers
  101. FP+ Rant Thread
  102. FP+ questions
  103. Do we have to?
  104. FP+ for length of stay or number of days on ticket?
  105. Mb/ap/fp+
  106. Fastpass+ for December
  107. Rumors: FASTPASS to be discontinued end of November / AP MagicBands
  108. question about ap and fastpasses
  109. FP+ and will-call tickets
  110. Swan & Dolphin testing MB, FP +
  111. fp+ timing
  112. Do Purchasing Tics directly from Disney give us a better chance at FP+
  113. 2 turning 3 and fp+
  114. Did the system changed one of your FP+ reservations?
  115. What website to schedule fastpass
  116. FP+ for Wishes and MSEP
  117. Split Stay and FP+
  118. Magic Bands Fastpass+ and comp tickets
  119. Fastpass locations?
  120. FPP for December?
  121. FP+ and Park Hopping?
  122. Can someone explain timing/sequence to me
  123. FP+ / staying offsite in April
  124. 2 MK FPP plans
  125. FP+ question with RO, then pkg, picking up tickets early
  126. Fast Pass Plus Attractions List
  127. FP return times have gone haywire
  128. FPP - Staffing Theory
  129. Fast pass plus list? Rider switch?
  130. FPP at 2 parks on same day?
  131. FPP numbers?
  132. My Magic and Fast Pass plus
  133. FP+ for MVMCP?
  134. FPP Selections - December Check In
  135. 2 year old question for FP+
  136. whats up with FPP+?
  137. Getting FP+ to work with a single rider
  138. FP+ Attractions Availability
  139. Magic Bands for Annual Passholders Staying Offsite
  140. TSMM and FP+
  141. Should I get Small World FP+
  142. FP+ for 12/20-12/30 complete for now
  143. Headliner FP+ question
  144. Heads Up-- MB and Regular FP
  145. FP+ for Figment
  146. FP+ and FP
  147. Magic Bands?
  148. Please help with MK FP + times and EMH morning
  149. FP+ and MB questions
  150. FP+ for Fantasmic
  151. FP+ Testing extended to Jan 5, 2014
  152. Can I catch the last B&B if I have a FP+ for F!
  153. FP+ for AP and MYW holders staying off-site
  154. FP + not available for me in Dec...right? (sorry to beat dead horse!)
  155. When will FastPass+ selections be available for my Dec 29 to Jan 5 on-site stay?
  156. Help with linking 2 reservations together
  157. Help Please with FP+ selections
  158. Is this now how FP+ works?
  159. Fast Pass Plus and Child Swap
  160. Is FP+ meeting Disney's objective?
  161. How available are FP+ selections on the day of touring?
  162. Are magic bands swapable for purposes of FP+?
  163. Reporting Live! Same Day FP+
  164. 60 days until and making FP+ reservations.
  165. TSMM FP Distribution - bleak
  166. just returned using fp+
  167. Increase in Distribution Rates or Decrease in Availability?
  168. FP+ System Down for Enhancements
  169. Which is which???
  170. Fast Pass Plus*in park today
  171. What to expect?
  172. Canceled reservation
  173. FP+ grace period?
  174. Another question about the "System"
  175. The Mood
  176. MDE Password Woes.
  177. Linked tickets & magical what-have-you's
  178. Activating Magicbands ??
  179. Picking up tickets early and MB ?
  180. priority fpp
  181. Test Ends Jan 4th and Other Rumors
  182. FP+ for Parade/Wishes question
  183. MB/FP+ experience - 10/25-10/30
  184. Why does MDE keep deleting everything??
  185. Help adding a guest on MDE to get fpp
  186. ETWB using FP+
  187. Birthdate typo in MDE profile - problem?
  188. FFP+ new catagory selections
  189. FP+ made for MSEP on November 20
  190. FP+ for Indy on Thanksgiving Day
  191. FastPass+ testing to begin at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels this mont
  192. FP+ Illuminations. How's?
  193. FP+ for JTA?
  194. Has anyone attempted to ride scheduled FP+ more than once in the time block?
  195. Fairytale hall legacy FP
  196. MB emails?
  197. MDE strikes again!
  198. FP+ vs. FP options
  199. Fastpass + question, we are getting military tickets and will not actually purchase
  200. Question about booking a "throwaway" night?
  201. Who does Disney speak to?
  202. Almost 60 days out..
  203. FP+ or FPP
  204. FP+ and group staying at multiple locations
  205. TSMM Legacy fast pass
  206. FastPass+ Priority Feedback Please
  207. FP+ Fantasmic
  208. Jan 10 check in- could customize magicbands today
  209. Just made FP+ selection for Jan 7-14!
  210. MB and FP+ with split stay off site
  211. Do I dare call?
  212. Annual Passes and "Fastpass Plus Limit Reached"
  213. How long are the Fastpass lines in general?
  214. Fastpass newbie
  215. Do more Soarin FPP times open?
  216. What times for FP+?
  217. Playing with FP+ site
  218. Problems with FP+ Selections
  219. BOG FP+ link
  220. Haunted Mansion FP+ Needed for Sunday, 1/12 before Noon?
  221. Touring question with new fastpass+
  222. Copying regular ticket FP+ selections to friend with AP...
  223. 11-11 FP KTTW cards experience:
  224. FP+ and park closed?
  225. Not making FP+ selections when window opens
  226. Fantasmic! FP+ still a waste?
  227. Where Is Name Printed on Magic Bands?
  228. Fixing BOG FP issues
  229. Check in with "throwaway" night
  230. MBs only at POP starting 11/14
  231. FP + for Parades and Fireworks
  232. What Would You Do?
  233. MB with split stay (2 sets?)
  234. FP+ for Villas?
  235. Changing Epcot FP+ Selections?
  236. Am I understanding the current state of FPs...especially for those offsite?
  237. fyi - be our guest fastpass is open thru 1st week of dec at least, just booked 12/8*
  238. DHS to begin tiered FP+ beginning next week
  239. FP+ Testing extended to March 31st
  240. Are you still able to get MK bonus FP+?
  241. FP absolute ignorance :)
  242. Testing FP+ daily limit
  243. Only 2 MBs showing up?
  244. FP+ experience today
  245. Fast pass + booking question
  246. MDE and Disney IT support
  247. So when you are doing your tour plan...
  248. Another (slightly different) Pop MB/FP question
  249. MB question--how to order??!!
  250. This reads as if it is a *choice.* Just curious about that....