Wednesday February 10 2016 Walt Disney World Wait Times Recap

Wednesday February 10

Predicted Crowd Level: 4.

Actual Crowd Level: 4.

Weather: High of 61 and low of 42. No precipitation.


Another day of below average waits at Animal Kingdom. DINOSAUR posts long waits for a short time beginning at noon, but is back down to 10 minutes by 1pm before spiking again and dropping a couple of hours later. Everest hits its usual 35 minutes and drops to ten or less with 90 minutes to go.


Waits are below average at Epcot as well with nothing in particular sticking out.


Tower of Terror’s capacity problems from the last few days persist again, culminating in what will likely be the longest average wait of the year. Though you never know, we may well see this again. The good news is that I peeked at wait times on the 11th and things looked to be back to normal. But almost an hour of downtime at Star Tours coupled with downtime at Toy Story Mania means horrendous waits in the afternoon. These are basically Christmas wait times with less than half the people in the Park.


More of the same at Magic Kingdom too.

February 11th should be more of the same before we head into a very busy weekend.

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