Tuesday February 9 2016 Walt Disney World Wait Times Recap

Tuesday February 9

Predicted Crowd Level: 4.

Actual Crowd Level: 4.

Weather: High of 60 and low of 50. No precipitation.

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We’re coming off conspicuously high wait times at Animal Kingdom yesterday as today’s overall average is almost exactly half as long. That big of a drop from one weekday to the next is unusual, but we do see an overall crowd level drop and a positive change in recommendation. Everest does still top out at 45 minutes and Safaris still hits 45 for a brief time in the afternoon, but this is more than manageable.

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During regular hours, Epcot’s overall average wait is higher than yesterday even with 100% uptime at Test Track and the lower overall crowd level. The Park remains extremely doable – even more so if you’re spending two days and can then make six FastPass+ selections. You do want to be wary of some of those longer wait times at attractions like Spaceship Earth, which hits a solid 20 minutes by 10am and doesn’t drop below that consistently until after 2pm. 45 or 55 minutes is not how long you want to wait there.

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I had mentioned capacity problems at Tower of Terror during the entry for February 8th and they hit critical mass here in the afternoon. 106 minutes is longer than New Year’s Eve when there were over three times as many people in the Park. Such long posted waits turn off enough potential standby riders to increase waits elsewhere as well. Very bad luck. That’s also the reason the website recommends using FastPass+ there before 10am instead of risking standby or waiting to ride later.

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We see just under a 20% drop in wait times at Magic Kingdom compared to the non-recommended day yesterday even when you consider yesterday’s low wait times in the extended hours. Wait times in the late morning into the early evening remain long most days. By 11am ,you’re looking at an average wait of 30 minutes at attractions that post wait times and it doesn’t drop below 30 minutes again until after 6pm. Still, the early morning and late evening are your friend with low waits in the first 90 minutes and the last two hours of operation.


  1. […] Here’s an example of one of the wait times posts in case you’re unfamiliar. I spend about an hour every week going over similar, albeit more crudely constructed charts in Excel to make sure everything is in order. Making the charts pretty and resizing them to post, in addition to typing out the commentary, probably took me two hours a day. That’s 12 to 15 hours a week I could be spending doing something apparently both of us would enjoy a lot more. So I think we’ll go back to sporadic wait times updates like this one when something of interest is going on. I’m not necessarily adverse to posting the “raw” data, which I think is more helpful than just saying, “I said it was a 10 and it was a 10” every day like “some sites.” […]

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