Thursday February 11 2016 Walt Disney World Wait Times Recap

Thursday February 11

Predicted Crowd Level: 6.

Actual Crowd Level: 6.

Weather: High of 66 and low of 39. No precipitation.


A couple of unfortunate early closures push up wait times at Animal Kingdom. The Park wasn’t recommended, but these wait times are considerably higher than they should be given an average-ish number of people in the Park. You almost never see Kilimanjaro Safaris close. They would operate that ride through a hurricane. But nearly 90 minutes of downtime pushes up waits into the triple digits for most of the day. Actual waits with FastPass+ would also be significantly longer.


In case you’re wondering how bad things have gotten at Epcot with Soarin’ closed, now Mouse Gear, the Park’s largest store, won’t even be opening until 10am. Granted, there were never a lot of people shopping that early, but it’s hard to imagine Disney shuttering major stores in order to save a few bucks. Apparently anyone that was going to buy something at 9:30am is also willing to do so at 10:30am. Historically, I took advantage of the few people around by popping in to take merchandise photos, particularly around Halloween and Christmas. Journey into Imagination, Living with the Land, and Pixar Short Film Festival are otherwise back to operating just through 7pm now. It was surprising initially seeing the operating hours of those attractions extended. Agent P World Showcase Adventure will also end two hours earlier – at 6:15pm instead of 8:15pm.


Studios remains bleak for the opposite reason. These wait times are terrible and the overall average is 11 minutes shorter than it was the day before.


Three hours of downtime to start the day at Mine Train is enough to push Magic Kingdom’s overall wait time up over 10% to 32 minutes. Waits are otherwise slightly above average, which is what you would expect given the crowd level. The 35-minute average wait by 11:30am does make it difficult to do mos things without a decent wait at Magic Kingdom. It really is time to use FastPass+ and visit the high capacity anytime attractions.

The weekend should be extremely crowded for Presidents Day.


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