Sunday February 7 2016 Walt Disney World Wait Times Recap

Sunday February 7

Predicted Crowd Level: 7.

Actual Crowd Level: 7.

Weather: High of 60 and low of 46. No precipitation.


Super Bowl Sunday is historically a great time to visit. Last year, it was a “4 out of 10” and the year before that, it was a “3 out of 10.” Longtime readers may remember that the website is famously quoted in a New York Times article recommending Super Bowl Sunday as a great time to visit the theme parks. But due to a variety of regional holidays and school closures, this year’s predicted crowd level was originally a “6” and then revised up to a “7.” That’s equal to most of spring break and much of the busy summer months from June through mid-August. And that’s exactly what we got with long waits here at Animal Kingdom. As usual, the morning and evening are light, but 40+ minutes in the afternoon isn’t great.


Epcot remains light just about every day. Over an hour of downtime at Test Track pushes up waits 20 to 30 minutes higher than they would be otherwise and with the high crowd level, we see Living with the Land hit 25 minutes in the afternoon, but things are still more than doable here.


The opposite remains true at Studios, where even when short waits during the morning Extra Magic Hour are included, still sees an overall average that’s 29% higher than the day before when the Park was most recommended. And this is with zero downtime and Tower of Terror operating at full capacity for most of the day. Even when you include Muppet Vision’s 5-minute average, you’re still looking at 40+ minutes at 9:45am and 50+ by 11am. And they don’t really die down as the average is still 40 minutes at 7pm.


This is what you can expect from a day with slightly above average waits and long operating hours. The late night remains your friend if you have the ability to stay out late. Waits are shorter than they are at any time during the morning in that final hour. As always, those arriving late basically want to tour in reverse of the morning plan, ending the day with something like Mine Train or Peter Pan’s Flight.

Waits and crowds should drop off slightly heading into the 8th.

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