Saturday February 13 2016 Walt Disney World Wait Times Recap

Saturday February 13

Predicted Crowd Level: 9.

Actual Crowd Level: 9.

Weather: High of 71 and low of 52. No precipitation.


Presidents Day Weekend marked the highest crowd level of 2016 yet and we see those wait times materialize immediately at Animal Kingdom with the longest overall average wait we’ve seen this year, perhaps with the exception of that one day when four of the five major rides were down for a considerable amount of time. Everest stays 70 minutes or higher for most of the afternoon, Safaris is never less than 90 after 10:30am, Primeval Whirl is 40 minutes most of the day, and even Tough To Be A Bug is 25 to 40 minutes in the afternoon, indicating that prospective viewers were forced to sit through two full shows before entering a capacity theater.


This was the last day before Epcot cut five characters and decreased hours at a variety of attractions and stores. It’s also one of maybe ten days this year that Epcot will see a normal 8am open, which is greatly beneficial for those able to arrive early and also benefits those that arrive a little later. Even so, we see some of the highest wait times of the year thus far, which is to be expected from the high overall crowd level.


We’re coming off a 47-minute overall average yesterday and the overall average will actually be even higher over the next two days, making 54 minutes “not bad.” But this is even with Tower of Terror operating at full capacity, though downtime at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Toy Story Mania hurts, as does the 8:30pm close, which is too early for these crowd levels. The 8am regular open does help a lot though, proving more of an opportunity to ride the major attractions in standby before waits get abhorrent. If you eliminate Muppet Vision, the average wait to ride something that moves is already 70 minutes before 11am.


Magic Kingdom sees the longest waits of the year thus far, which is what you would expect given the highest overall crowd level thus far coupled with its least recommended status on a Saturday of a holiday weekend. Major downtime at Space and Splash Mountains doesn’t help and Buzz Lightyear’s average wait is incredibly high as it comes out of refurbishment with terrible uptime. But waits are rough just about everywhere else too.

We’ll continue with Sunday, which saw even higher attendance.

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