Monday February 8 2016 Walt Disney World Wait Times Recap

Monday February 8

Predicted Crowd Level: 6.

Actual Crowd Level: 7.

Weather: High of 66 and low of 43. No precipitation.


Animal Kingdom was not recommended with the morning Extra Magic Hour, but it seems like the Park was woefully understaffed given the high wait times for what is just slightly higher than average attendance. Everest virtually never sees a bump that quickly first thing in the morning, particularly with a morning Extra Magic Hour, and it never recovers. Hopefully you went elsewhere given the recommendation.


Epcot’s waits are relatively low though it does suffer from a smattering of downtime. Short bursts of downtime can sometimes have a bigger negative effect on wait times when boarding is delayed, but the queue isn’t emptied. So if Test Track is down for 15 minutes, they might not yet empty the queue, so all of those people are still in line. Then you’ve got more people entering the queue once the ride resumes and thus, even higher waits with more people in line. When a queue is dumped and everyone exits, there’s obviously nobody in line once the attraction resumes and waits are initially short. Epcot’s waits here are above average for the last month with Soarin’ down, but still well below average compared to when the ride was in operation last year.


Toy Story Mania doesn’t have any time to recover after being down for over 90 minutes first thing in the morning. Tower of Terror is also operating at half capacity for most of the day and Great Movie Ride is down for 90 minutes in the late afternoon as well. It’s a recipe for disaster in a Park that is still running exactly five rides with plans to shut down more attractions and a ton of real estate in less than two months. They even shuttered Sunset Showcase, the relatively popular dance party, last week.


Magic Kingdom would have benefited greatly from an 8am open here. As it stands, we see one of the longer overall averages we’ve seen so far this year. That number isn’t helped by downtime as two of the higher priority, high capacity roller coasters in Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

We should see average crowds moving forward through the week.

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