Friday February 12 2016 Walt Disney World Wait Times Recap

Friday February 12

Predicted Crowd Level: 8.

Actual Crowd Level: 7.

Weather: High of 75 and low of 46. No precipitation.


Animal Kingdom’s overall average is actually lower than yesterday’s given the positive recommendation, even with an uncharacteristically long wait at Kilimanjaro Safaris. Still, any time you see 70 minutes at Everest with no downtime means you’re looking at well-above-average crowds, not to mention 60 minutes at DINOSAUR, 40 at Primeval Whirl, and a solid 15 minutes at It’s Tough To Be A Bug, which is indicative that shows are filling to capacity. Having to wait through an entire Bug show will put that total experience time near 30 minutes.


Epcot continues to do really well here, supported by the fact that it’s the most recommended Park and the 9pm closures at Living with the Land, Journey into Imagination, and Pixar Short Film Festival. Epcot has seen its best day of the week move to Fridays from Mondays with Soarin’ down. Friday was historically the second busiest day of the week at Epcot, thanks to the fact that it had hosted evening Extra Magic Hours on Fridays for years. But it was also because most people spent their second to last day there followed by their last day at Magic Kingdom on Saturday before leaving on Sunday. With Soarin’ down, we see far fewer people spending a second day at Epcot. Thus, they typically visit on a Tuesday. On Sunday the 14th, the first day of the early closures at the Land and Imagination Pavilions, the first day of the removal of several characters, and other cuts to entertainment, we’re going to see the overall average wait rise 63% to 31 minutes.


Studios average is actually going to be all the way up to 57 minutes over the weekend, making 47 minutes look relatively “good.” By 11am, there’s still not much hope.


Magic Kingdom’s overall average is actually down by a minute compared to yesterday, thanks to reliably short waits at the operating attractions during the morning Extra Magic Hour and again in the hour it was open later in the evening. But if you compare today’s chart to yesterday’s, when the Park was recommended, you’ll notice that waits are higher earlier and also peak higher later in the day, which is typical of a day with a morning Extra Magic Hour increasing the number of Disney resort guests in attendance later in the morning. Three hours of downtime at Mine Train on the 11th also pushes up the overall wait higher.

We’re headed into what should be the busiest we see the Parks until Easter. We’ll see if those people arrive.

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