Disney World Wait Times Review: February 2, 2017

Thursday February 2, 2017

Predicted 4-Park Crowd Level: 3.

Sum of Predicted 4-Park Average Wait Times: 93 minutes.

Actual 4-Park Crowd Level: 2.

Sum of Actual 4-Park Average Wait Times: 90 minutes.

Weather: High of 77 and low of 52. A warm, clear, sunny day.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/epcot_waits_february_2_2017.jpg

We were expecting a 15-minute average at Animal Kingdom and that’s exactly what happened. Safaris is basically a walk-on from 12:30pm through close and while Everest peaks at 45 minutes, waits are reliably short in the final two hours of operation. Primeval Whirl’s 15-minute average is actually lower than yesterday’s despite higher averages elsewhere, which helps bring the average wait down from 16 minutes to 15 minutes.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/epcot_waits_february_2_2017.jpg

Epcot came in under expectations – 18 minutes realized versus 22 minutes expected –  thanks to no downtime at Test Track and relatively few people in the Park. This has certainly been a banner week.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/hollywood_studios_waits_february_2_2017.jpg

Hollywood Studios also came in four minutes under the predicted number thanks to lower attendance and relatively little downtime.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/magic_kingdom_waits_february_2_2017.jpg

Magic Kingdom came in a minute shorter than yesterday, which is more significant than it might sound. Peter Pan’s Flight in particular pushes up waits with the rare couple of hours of downtime. But the morning remains manageable and waits fall off in the final hour as well. But with maximum FastPass+ distribution at the majority of rides for the majority of the day, it takes few people in standby to push waits up to at least 20 minutes at most attractions. Still, we’ll be looking at wait times that are 50%+ higher come Presidents Day Weekend in a couple of weeks.

We should see an uptick this weekend given the nice weather before things fall back down to below average over weekdays next week.


  1. Happy Daddy says


    Love seeing this data and analysis daily. Please keep all of these posted. I bet it’s painful to generate. Although I analyze this for An upcoming trip, I just flat out love the data-driven approach to your assessment. Thanks again for your hard work.

  2. T from Florida says

    We went to Magic Kingdom yesterday (2/4/17) and it was a mad house! People everywhere! Wait times were st least 60 minutes plus. Every crowd calendar I checked projected crowds around the 5 level. Boy were we disappointed. I’m not sure there really is a “slow” or “moderate ” time at Disney.

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