All Star Music


1801 W. Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL

Phone:  407-939-6000, Fax: 407-939-7222, General Reservations: 1-407-WDISNEY (1-407-934-7639)

Resort Class:

All-Star Music is a Value, the least expensive Disney resort type.  The resort offers three room categories  – Standard ($85 – $169/night), Preferred ($101 – $184), and Family Suite ($202 – $375/night).  Preferred rooms, located in Calypso building 1 and 10, are closer to the main building and pool and cost an additional $16 per night.

In Standard and Preferred rooms, there is an additional $10/night charge for a third and fourth person over the age of 17 on the reservation.

All-Star Music is the only All-Star resort that offers Family Suites, which are found in the Calypso and Jazz Inn sections. Family Suites cost about as much as two Preferred rooms.  For example, during Value Season 1, Suites cost $202/night and Preferred rooms run $101/night, or exactly twice as much.  A Standard room at a Moderate resort during the same period would cost $162 per night.  During Peak Season, Suites cost $309/night, while Preferred rooms are $151/night.  That puts the Suite $7/night more expensive than two Preferred rooms.  A Standard room at a Moderate during the same time period is $211.  Family Suites are $50/night less expensive than those found at the Art of Animation Resort regardless of Season.

A map to view or print is available here.


All-Star Musicis officially an Animal Kingdom area resort and is closest to the Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex, but relatively far from the Magic Kingdom.  There is a McDonald’s restaurant on Disney property that’s about a half mile away.  The All-Stars are also about 5 minutes away from a number of off-Disney areas with cheaper dining and shopping, which you should keep in mind if you decide to rent a car.

All-Star Music is situated in between All-Star Sports and Movies.  This is a picture of the Mighty Ducks section of Movies taken here:

Just outside Music’s quick service and pool area.


All-Star Music is the exact same size as the other All-Stars, but the 192 family suites cut down on the total number of rooms available for booking.  The basic layout of the buildings is the same as the other All-Star resorts.  Also like the other All-Stars, there are two elevators near the middle of each building.  The buildings furthest from the main building and bus stop are located in Country Fair and it takes eight to ten minutes to walk from a Country Fair room to the main building.

Room Amenities and Quality:

Standard and Preferred rooms are 260 square feet, the same standard size as the other Value resorts.  There are either two double beds or one king size bed in each room, depending on reservation.  King bed rooms can be requested, but they generally go to guests with disabilities first because they have bathrooms that can accommodate wheelchairs.  King bed rooms do not have a tub.  Each room has a nightstand, two chairs, armoire, 32” HDTV, wall mirror, clock radio, small safe, one sink, one mirror, and bathroom area with toilet and combined bathtub and shower.  Shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap are also provided.  Rooms are also equipped with a small refrigerator.  Items that may not be included, but can be requested for free, include iron, ironing board, extra pillows, towels, and blankets.  Each room can sleep up to four people, but cots are only available in King Bed rooms due to the fire code.  Although a twin air mattress won’t fit in between the beds (which can’t be moved), you can fit one on the long side of the room by moving some of the furniture around.

The All-Star Music is the only All-Star with Family Suites that can sleep up to six people.  These suites are actually two connecting rooms that have been refurbished into one suite with a square footage of  520 feet.  Each suite has two bathrooms, one bedroom, one living room with furniture that converts to beds, two 32” flat-screen televisions, and a small kitchenette with 4.3 cubic foot refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, sink, and storage area.  In the living area, the couch turns into a double bed, the ottoman turns into a short twin bed, and the chair turns into a twin bed.  The bedroom has a queen bed.

At a little more than twice the cost of two rooms, it is difficult to say whether or not a Suite is a better value than two connecting rooms.  With Disney, you are not guaranteed connecting rooms, meaning that it is possible that rooms will not be next to each other with an interior door connecting the two rooms.  A suite would guarantee that your family would be together with only one door leading outside.  With younger (or older) kids, you may not want them to be able to leave without your knowledge.  Suites also offer a kitchenette area with a microwave, which none of the Values or Moderates have, as well as a coffeemaker which no other Value room offers.  If your family of five or six requires a refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and needs connecting rooms, then a Family Suite may be a better option than two connecting rooms.  The downside is that the convertible beds may not be comfortable and the cost is high considering the resort’s lack of amenities and dining options.

Theme and Layout:

Music is similar to both Movies and Sports in that it features gigantic figurines, bright colors, and the same basic ten building layout.  There are five themes with two buildings per theme.  The themes are Broadway, Calypso, Country, Jazz, and Rock.  The theme is perfect for children (or adults) who love music and will appreciate the 40 foot tall saxophone, size 270 cowboy boots, and sky high guitars and banjos.


All Star Music’s main pool is 251,000+ gallons.

Like the other All-Stars, it has a kiddie pool attached.

The Piano Pool is a smaller 106,000 gallon pool situated in the middle of the resort.  No Value resorts have water slides or hot tubs and this is no exception.

Towels are also not available at the pool so guests must bring them from their room and request more from housekeeping.

All-Star Music also has organized pool games throughout the day that are popular with children as well as a Disney movie in the evening.  Guests from any All-Star resort can use the pool facilities of any other All-Star resort as well.

Singing Spirits, located near the feature pool, serves up alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages:

Hair wraps are also offered nearby:

At a cost of $2 per inch plus the cost of beads.

Coin-operated laundry facilities in addition to bathrooms are located nearby both pools.

With less foot traffic near the quiet pool, you wouldn’t have to keep as watchful of an eye on your stuff.

Overall, the pools are adequate, but lack the theming, slides, and hot tubs that the pool complexes in higher categories offer.


Often, especially during off-peak times to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, the three All-Star resorts will share buses.  During peak times, All-Star Music may have dedicated bus service.  All-Star Music is in the middle of the All-Star complex and is picked up and dropped off second, right after Sports.  Transportation times are relatively short to the Parks, with Magic Kingdom being the longest ride.

The times below are calculated after the bus leaves the resort.

Hollywood Studios: about 10 minutes
Epcot: about 15 minutes
Animal Kingdom: about 10 minutes
Magic Kingdom: about 20 minutes

The All-Star complex is surrounded by a parking lot, making waits to your automobile short.

Best Rooms:

Only rooms in the Calypso building are designated “Preferred.”  The problem is that these rooms may be louder due to the proximity to the 500+ person dining area and swimming pool that may be open 24 hours a day even if the posted hours show that it closes at midnight. The picture above is the walkway right outside Calypso.  Hundreds of people walking from the other sections will pass by at all hours of the day, including a thousand or more between 7:30am and 9am for breakfast and then again in the evening as people return from the Parks.  You can actually save money and find quieter accommodations by simply booking a Standard room.

Rooms in Jazz Inn are close to both pools and the main building, but not so close that noise should be a problem.  Request a room in Jazz Inn that overlooks a courtyard on the third floor for the quietest, closest room to the amenities at the resort.  To be further out of the way, request a room in Country Fair, Broadway Hotel, or Rock Inn that overlook a courtyard.  These rooms are still close to the quiet pool and the walk to the main building is only three to five minutes longer than Jazz Inn.

On-Site Dining Options:

Outside of in-room pizza delivery, the Intermission Food Court is the dining option at All-Star Music.

Like the other All-Stars, it offers multiple stations offering a wide variety of items:

Condiments and a toppings bar.

Whole pizzas can be picked up or delivered to the room.

Fountain beverage items are the same as the other All-Stars and include these along with Iced Tea and cocoa.

The seating area is expansive and seats more than 500.

You may just want to avoid staring at these guys.


Maestro Mickey’s is the resort’s single store.

Here, you’ll find similar toiletries, drinks, and food items as the other Values:

Larger: and  The same items should be available at each of the Value resorts.

Along with candy.

And dranks.

I didn’t take pictures of every item in the case at each of the All-Stars, but by the time we take a look at Sports and Movies you’ll have a good idea about what’s offered.  That’s 8 ounces of cheddar cheese for $5.95.

Milk options.  That’s a pint of Whole for $2.39, a half gallon of whole or 1% for $2.95 or a quart of 2% for…..

Lobby and check-in:

Check-in is nearly identical to the other All-Stars with check-in/concierge on the left and seating on the right.  Also off to the right is a television playing Disney cartoons for the little ones to watch while the adults wait in line.

Seated just inside the doors to the pool or food court is a caricature artist.  They appear at all Value resorts, usually from 4pm to 10pm.

Note’able Games Arcade:

Best For: Those who do not plan to spend much time at the resort and are aware of the limited amenities offered.  Guests traveling with children who would enjoy the theme.  People looking for the cheapest Family Suite on property.  Those on a budget who want to take advantage of Magical Express, Disney Transportation, and Extra Magic Hours.

Worst For: Those used to staying at the Ritz Carlton or are otherwise expecting more than they receive.  People who plan to spend a lot of time relaxing at the resort.

Summary of Key Points: Music is nearly identical to the other Value resorts in the amenities and furnishing offered.  Although the theme is not as overtly “Disney” as Movies, many guests may still favor it.  Unique to Music are the Family Suites which may be the ideal room type in certain situations.  Although Suites are more expensive than two Value rooms, they are guaranteed to keep families next to each other and offer several amenities that would either cost extra or are unavailable in Standard rooms, such as a coffeepot and microwave.

The rooms in the All-Stars are small and best for those who don’t plan to do much at the resort other than bathe, sleep, and swim.  Dining options are limited and the quick service can be particularly busy in the morning for breakfast.  At just 260 square feet, rooms may be too small for three or more people to get along comfortably.  On the plus side, Value resorts are also an economical way for people to stay on Disney property and take advantage of Magical Express and the other perks offered.


  1. Elizabeth says

    Stayed there May 2011, I was a solo traveler with a standard room. I would not have liked sharing the room with anyone over 3yrs old as it is a nice clean room, but there is NOT a lot space to move around. It was perfect for me though.

  2. Kelli says

    Thank you this was very helpful! Staying here for 1 night before a Disney cruise next week. You were able to answer all of my questions!!!

  3. Meghan says

    Does anyone know which buildings (if any) at All Star Music have connecting rooms? Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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