Tons of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass+ Availability for November

Disney opened up a ton of FastPass+ availability for the first three weeks in November today. If you’ve been hunting, log in and check it out.


  1. Kristina says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I accidentally deleted mine a while back and was just able to get it back!!

    • RebeccaMcK says

      They’re trying to add better crowd capacity to this and other rides, plus that part of November is a slower crowd time. I know an intern engineer there who is helping to work on this project, and SDMT seems to be the first task at hand. I hope they work on TSMM soon, too.

  2. josh says

    Previous “FP+ only” tests related to potentially adding a third theater to Soarin or a third track to Toy Story Mania or running half of Fairytale Hall as FP+ only and eliminating the other princesses from that venue. My educated guess is that the Mine Train will not be trying a 3+ week FP+ only test, but rather, somebody figured out that Disney could allot more FP+ at the Mine Train without raising standby or FP+ waits all that much or they’ve decided to hold back some FP+ due to complaints that they are so difficult to acquire.

  3. Ken says

    I was a day late making fast pass reservations for the 60 day window because I didn’t realize my annual passes would expire at the end of Oct and our visit started on 11/15. After I got the passes renewed, I tried to make reservations on day 59 and I could only get the Mine Train on the last day of our visit. Been trying ever since to pick up the Mine Train on the other days with no luck.

    Thanks to Josh, I now have Mine Train fast passes for the other two days we will be at MK!

  4. Kari J. says

    THANK YOU for posting this. We now have FP+ for each MK day. This is why I check this site daily. You’re the best!

  5. RebeccaMcK says

    Thank you! I was 15 minutes late at my 60-day time mark to book a FP and then couldn’t get SDMT at all – now I’ve dropped a Peter Pan ride for SDMT on the only day we’ll be at MK (Nov. 16th). We’ll try to ride it later during the MVMCP, too.

  6. Frank says

    Thanks so much for letting us know. We just checked yesterday and nothing. Saw this post and scored FP+ for 12:30. Perfect!

  7. Sue says

    Guess I am still missing the boat! I can’t seem to get the FP on November 17th or the 21st. Of course, I can’t get BOG FP either for the right date. Vacation ruined! They better refund my money after my trip! Haaaa!!!

  8. Robert says

    Just check for my vacation (Dec 18-21) and noticed some were now available.
    I have Reservation at Swan but made it at 54 days, so everything was gone.
    But this morning was able to get Snow for TH and Sunday.
    Moral of the story – keep trying.

  9. Becky says

    Well, guess I missed it. It clearly pays to be a subscriber! Even at 60 days out I was only able to get passes for rides that probably don’t need passes during slow times. It left me feeling worse than if I had had no opportunity to get fast passes at all. We likely won’t use them at all because they are at times that don’t go with our tour plan, but I can’t make myself let go because they are so valuable!

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