Star Wars Weekends Premier Theater Stage Shows Added to Tier 1 FP+ at Hollywood Studios

Disney has added FastPass+ for the Star Wars Weekends stage shows in Premier Theater to Tier 1, which means they compete against Toy Story Mania and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster for your one initial selection.

Note that Ray Park and Warwick David are not “closed for refurbishment,” they’re just not appearing this day.

You may want to consider FP+ for the show starring the major celebrity from that weekend as they are very popular and there’s usually only one show scheduled over the course of the day. Stars of the Saga is also very popular.

FP+ is less necessary at Behind the Force: Star Wars Rebels because there’s two shows and less interest. It’s also less necessary at Obi-Wan and Beyond because it’s historically been scheduled at 6:30pm, is the same every day of the event, and people are more interested in dinner, Fantasmic, and setting up shop for the fireworks.

With much higher attendance than usual, I’m expecting most or all FP+ selections for the Theater shows and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster/Toy Story Mania to be gone by the night before or very shortly after the Park opens on the day of.

So to recap:

Consider using your one Tier 1 FastPass+ at the Premier Theater Show featuring the major celebrity from that weekend if you’re interested in seeing it. It should cut down on the wait for a good seat from 60 or more minutes to 15 or less.

Disney is selling a package that includes a reserved viewing area for the afternoon cavalcade parade and evening fireworks for $54/adult and $32/child: Waiting for the parade is literally hell on earth as the route is from the entrance to the Sorcerers Hat and 20,000+ people want to see it. Expect wet, humid nights throughout May and June. If you can swing the cost of this package, it will immensely reduce the amount of stress that accompanies these two great shows.

There’s also a VIP Package available for $499/person:

Read over my 2013 overview for a ton of advice on how to make the most of your day. It will be updated for 2014 when the event arrives, but it will be similar/the same minus the fireworks replacing Hyperspace Hoopla.


  1. Mary Ann Allen says

    Wow first post. Yeah me. Would definitely miss the hoopla. So you’ll still have to queue to get a FP for autographs?

  2. Levon says

    I’m a little sad about the hoopla, I mean I never saw it in person and it was a little bit repetative but it was fun and unique and a good watch on youtube.

  3. josh says

    Yes that is the usual slot. Hamill is a bigger deal than most other “celebrities” and his presence at the show isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

  4. marianna says

    Thanks! Grabbed a FPP for the celebrity talk show. Is that the one with the Stormtrooper show as well? Considering the upgrade for the parade and fireworks. Wonder where that will be?

    Hell on earth. Heard that!

  5. josh says

    Yep that’s when the stormtroopers do their preshow. It’s usually better than the content of most shows.

  6. marianna says

    Another question: which do you think is the smarter plan for the second weekend? FPP Stars of the Saga (3:30-4:30 one show) and hope for a SB for WD’s Ewok Tales (5:15-? one show)? Or standby Saga and FPP Ewok? I really want to see both.

  7. josh says

    I’d FP+ Ewok Tales – that one was completely full last year. Get in line at least 30 minutes early for Saga.

  8. Drunk Rhino says

    “Warwick David” ? How dare you butcher the name of the star of Leprechaun 4 “In Space”.

  9. marianna says

    The Feel the Force Party is already sold out for the three possible days I can make it. Looks like it’s the sidewalk for me. :( Anyone who is thinking of booking this, get on it.

  10. Erika says

    Any details on Fireworks show availible yet? I have not even seen times listed?
    Thanks for the post!!

  11. Julia says

    Any idea on what the dessert is in the dessert portion of Firework viewing of Feel the Force Premium Package? Will you be going to the first one to report back to us? I thought I read somewhere it is a cupcake, which would make sense, but cannot now find that again.

  12. Robin says

    Hi Josh! Will we still be able to use your cheat sheets and accomplish this at 8 o’clock opening .. Thanks Josh!!!!
    1. Ride Toy Story Mania: 7:55am – 8:10am
    2. Ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster: 8:20am – 8:35am
    3. Ride Tower of Terror: 8:40am – 9:05am

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