Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass+ Available From May 28th

Disney announced the official opening date for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – it’s May 28th and FP+ is available from that date forward. I recommend using a FP+ around noon with the potential that you could also start your morning there to enjoy a short standby wait. While FP+ for the Mine Train will be a hot commodity, there should be far more of them than for Anna/Elsa, which are virtually impossible to obtain. As always, book early. Book often.


  1. Beth says

    Thanks for the info, as always!

    We’re visiting the week before, on 5/20. Is it likely that there will be an earlier “soft opening”? Just trying to decide where to head at rope drop. Luckily, I have all boys, so I can avoid Princess Fairytale Hall..

  2. Katie says

    Thanks for the info Josh! We are going to WDW May13th-17th. Do you have any idea what the chances are that we’ll be able to catch a soft opening in that time frame?

  3. josh says

    Your guess is as good as mine on when soft openings will be running at full speed. I would be surprised if they weren’t running at more or less full capacity within two weeks, but you are also talking to the guy that expected it to be open last Thanksgiving.

  4. Tracey H says

    Snagged mine right after the announcement! We were only going to do one day in MK but I changed it to 2. Booked one FP for one day in the evening and one FP for one day around noon! anxious to see how the ride feels depending on the time of day!
    My kids love BTMRR when it gets dark!

  5. Dan says


    Great site! My family and I will be at WDW Memorial Day weekend and in the MK on the 24 and 25. Normally, I would think that close to the official opening would give us a great chance of catching a soft opening (we’re seasonal AP holders so that might also help). However, I was wondering if you thought that Star Wars weekend would have any impact on soft openings on those dates. I could see it going either of two ways: 1) no soft openings so as to not take away from the Star Wars festivities as DHS or 2) round the clock running of the SDMT so as to lessen the burden on the overcrowded HS. Any thoughts?

  6. josh says

    I don’t have any more information on soft openings than you do. I doubt Star Wars Weekends will have any effect on their ability to operate the attraction though.

  7. keri says

    Tracey, I did the same thing!

    This is going to put a kink in my plans for nighttime rides on my arrival day, but I’ve got a FP+ for 9-10pm on the 31st, and then early afternoon for each of the other days I’m staying – figure if I’m already having to transfer Resort -> Park -> Resort to get to my dinner reservations, it may as well be MK and an hour or so to take a spin. I’ll probably only use one of the daytime FP+s, but I hate too much pre-planning, so don’t want to lock myself into a specific day. (I’m in talks now with a coworker about having her do half my Saturday shift so I can leave a little earlier…nothing like starting your vacation after getting off work at 5pm on a Saturday…the whole afternoon will be a bust, with the clock-watching, and an earlier leave-time would make it easier to fit in 7DMT that night.)

  8. Kerry says

    New to all of this. We’ll be there on the 19th and 21st & is our family’s first trip. How does a soft opening work?

  9. josh says

    They would simply open the ride at some point during the day with no guarantee that it will continue operating due to unexpected technical difficulties. It is a pretty obvious ride in the center of Fantasyland so it won’t be much of a mystery if it’s running.

  10. Anonymous says

    Good grief, has this crashed the system already? Half of my FPs are not coming up now, where they were just fine last night. Trying to move my BTMRR along with DD4’s to do 7DMT, but hers had disappeared, and it’s not letting me pull up an option to change experience. Anyone else having.problems?

  11. josh says

    Yeah Disney shows me having four FP+ for May 28th including 3 at the Mine Train within 5 minutes of each other.

  12. Anonymous says

    I can’t even get into the Fastpass+ system! Keep getting a message that states there’s ‘system challenges’

  13. brandybo says

    Crap, it’s showing everyone’s Anna/Elsa gone, except mine. Also have 2 days of everyone’s FP gone, even mine. This better get fixed asap before I fall out. 😉

  14. Amelia says

    Our second MK day is the 28th and the FP+ system still on the fritz. I’m going to try to hit the RD on our first day to the ride as well as the second since we always head to FL anyways. I’m trying to decide if I should schedule the FP+ for morning or for the night as I bet its really cool at night – maybe even during fireworks! Any word on capacity in comparison to a people eater like Little Mermaid?

  15. josh says

    Capacity remains to be seen – certainly less than Mermaid but more than most other Fantasyland dark rides. The only issue with scheduling FP+ for it late is that you won’t be able to collect a 4th, 5th, etc. FP+ until you use your initial three. But it may be worth it.

  16. Anonymous says

    Unfortunately I can’t get into any site to update FastPass+. The online site is experiencing problems, and the app says it’s unavailable. Tried the phone lines and got ‘all circuits are busy’… I wonder how long this clustercuss will last.

  17. Someone says

    Now that the system has crashed, though, I think everyone should calm down. NO ONE can make FP+ reservations. It’ll be back up in a little while and the hysteria will resume. I snagged mine first thing this morning, so I’m good.

  18. Patricia says

    Thanks for the info Josh. Booked our FP for June, but hoping to see soft openings soon and we’ll head over!

  19. HelenB says

    Got our FP for our June trip. I’m just glad that they opened up while we were in the 60-30 day window! I can only imagine the rush for the dates from May 28 through 31. Took a screenshot of my FP reservations just in case the entire system wipes out.

  20. Julia says

    Will this affect your park recommendations?
    Will you be changing MK to May 27 instead or May 28?
    It sounds like MK will be crushed on May 28 with everyone of course wanting to ride the long-awaited newest ride.

  21. marianna says

    I’m curious about this as well. Do you think this will significantly impact crowd levels?

  22. josh says

    No, I would expect it to be running at more or less full capacity for a while before that date.

  23. Clayton says

    Whatevs, I don’t even need to ride it now that I’ve gotten to watch Ricky Brigante’s majestic mane flowing in the wind as he giggles in delight.

    (Actually, this video is precious and shows the entire ride from beginning to end if you don’t mind teh spoilerz.)

  24. Gina says

    Josh, I am also curious about what you think this opening will do to crowd levels. Thanks much to the park recommendations here, 5/28 is our only day we planned to be in MK. I did manage to snag a FP+ for 7DMT, but am concerned that the park will be more crowded than expected causing waits at all other rides to be longer.

  25. Anonymous says

    Josh- Huge Fan Here! I follow you on twitter, will you update twitter if you hear anything on a soft opening? We will be there 5/15-5/20 and most days in the MK. Thanks. Also any chance you will be around the parks then? We love a picture :)

  26. cschaaf says

    I’d be willing to bet any sum (up to the amount that I pay for this site) that Josh will tweet soft opening details as soon as he hears them. 😉

  27. Suzanne says

    I found them on the website, but not the app. Changed my passes on two days. When I went back to the app they did not show. I will just be patient.

  28. Merrilyn says

    After a day yesterday of oops! and Donald and server busy messages, this morning, things on the MDE app and the website seem to be back to “normal”. Picked up FP+ for 5/30

  29. Tim says

    Got a 7DMT FP for JUN 30th no problem at all this morning. I used the website not the app, as the app on my iphone runs painfully slowly.

  30. Joe says

    Do you know if there will be any special events on May 28 in regards to the opening of the Mine Train? I am considering extending my vacation and wondering if it will be worth it.

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