PUSH No More

I don’t usually run news-y posts like this, but the website relies on controversy to push (get it) pageviews so here you have it.

I guess PUSH came to shove.

While little more than a remote controlled car with an operator speaking a handful of feet away, PUSH had a lot of heart and was one of the more unique entertainment offerings at Walt Disney World. Fortunately, Magic Kingdom still offers a “rich mix of atmosphere entertainment throughout Magic Kingdom, such as the new “#INCREDIBLESSuperDanceParty.”

Yes, it really is called that.

Push joins recent departures, including Miyuki in Japan and the Ziti Sisters in Italy over at Epcot. Miyuki left on her own accord, while the Zitis reportedly were cut from the budget to support the Frozen ladies. We all know the theme park business runs on razor-thin two-billion-dollars-per-quarter profit, so these cuts are unsurprising.

Bye Push. Miss you <3


  1. Kelly E says

    Sad to hear that. We happened to have an awesome interaction with PUSH 2 weeks ago while we were there. He noticed my sons Canada sweatshirt and asked some funny questions and even sang a silly version of the Canadian national anthem. Extra special memories now that he’s gone.

  2. dani says

    Dude. I’m surprised you didn’t Google the crap out of this first. Even Orlando Sentinel reported that it’s not true.

  3. Paul says

    I saw on Wikipedia that Push is GONE on February 9th, it MUST be true! But seriously, Disney is saying it’s not going anywhere.

  4. Bernadette says

    My 7 year old daughter got PUSH’s autograph last September, plus he cracked up my teen son by quizzing him on the color of the soap as he exited a nearby bathroom – definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

  5. Kevin says

    Disappointing – he was always on our list of things to do/meet, but we don’t spend a lot of time in Tomorrowland and we never got around to seeing him.

  6. Lori Bilodeau says

    The most recent Orlando Sentinel article is from 2/7. The Facebook page (Save PUSH…) said he was not out today (2/9). So sad if confirmed…

    “…Disney officials say that PUSH will continue to entertain guests at Magic Kingdom.” – Orlando Sentinel (link above)

    Do you think that Disney officials might (gasp) be lying to us??? Or (more likely) not know what’s going on??? One thing is certain, I believe Josh far more than any of those “officials,” even though we all know he drinks copious amounts of scotch.

  7. Pete says

    Hope it’s not true

    My Daughter married him last trip (he wanted some of her Ice cream)
    Wanted to see him again in Aug


    I hope my friend dan young is right & the best blogger of all things Disney & booze is wrong . love push the talking trash can.

  9. Ocalla says

    Am I the only one who never understood the whole “Push The Talking Trashcan” love??? I put Push in the same category as Duffy the Bear in EPCOT.

    I feel very Un-Disney actually writing this, but what am I missing???

  10. Pampered Mom says

    We love Push! We first saw him at AK then caught him again a couple of years later at MK when my so would not leave him alone. I don’t think I can tell my kids he’s not there anymore. I don’t think they’d want to interact with him anymore but just the possibility of seeing him is part of the magic.

  11. Tricia says

    We ran into Push in Epcot last month. My fiance was really confused and thought it was weird since all of the kids were scared/ran away. Vacation ruined.

  12. Brant says

    I always thought PUSH was pretty fun and a nice little extra, but let’s be honest…it’s not like Disney couldn’t replicate this technology fairly easily if they wanted to and not have to pay an outside vendor.

    It got me to thinking that perhaps with the Lucasfilm purchase and the upcoming Star Wars land plans, maybe they are working on some robots to interact with guests that could fit into that universe. Tomorrowland would make much more sense, even if not Star Wars themed, to have robots moving around it than a talking trash can. I’d much rather that than FP+ readers at attractions that don’t need them like Laugh Floor and Stitch

  13. says

    Great way to start the week! [sad sarcasm]

    This just seems dumb and short-sighted. Why would Disney take away something like this? Sure, it’s just a small piece and not many will notice the absence, but it’s the combination of all the small pieces that makes Disney magical. I think it’s time to write guest services a letter of disappointment!

  14. Heather says

    I had no clue PUSH existed the last time we went to Disney World. We are now leaving in less than 20 days and throughout the year of our planning we found out about PUSH and are very excited to see his show! My daughter watched video after video of him on YouTube. So disappointed if he isn’t there anymore :(

  15. Levon says

    “We all know the theme park business runs on razor-thin two-billion-dollars-per-quarter profit, so these cuts are unsurprising.”

    Line of the month!! Made me spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any. Shut it down Josh, you aren’t topping that one. Let’s all meet back here on 3/1.

  16. James P says

    My wife and I saw Push once out of our multiple trips for about 5 minutes. It’s cute and all, but nothing we would go out of our way to see. No loss for us. There are better things to waste our time on at WDW. 😉

  17. Frank D says

    I saw it once. Door opened. It started to come out of a door. It stopped and backed up. Door closed. The end.

    Anyway, it’s more rumors, but it’s out there that the owner of PUSH went to social media to try to turn whatever contract negotiations in their favor due to fan reaction over PUSH leaving. Disney probably doesn’t take too kindly to that sort of stuff, if true, so I can see them telling PUSH to take a hike.

  18. Chris says

    Does this apply to all garbage cans or just talking ones. Just so I know for my upcoming vacation whether I need to bring my own garbage bags. #VacationRuined

  19. Tiffany says

    I do not accept that this talking garbage can was an entertainment enhancement to the MK and why anyone will miss it’s presence. Do we have to anthropomorphize everything????!! *apologizes to computer for yelling*

  20. DaveTheWaveUSMC says

    You will be missed PUSH. Mardi Gras 2013, PUSH was out and about as we exited a ride and my 10 year old (at that time) started doing the Gungun Style dance. PUSH saw him and started playing the song. We ran into PUSH later that day and he played the song when he saw my son.

  21. Steve says

    Are they replacing it with a MagicBand-enabled trash can? Walk past it and it says “Hi Josh! I see you’ve bought 17 drinks today and have booked a fastpass for Country Bear Jamboree”.

  22. pfalcioni says

    It doesn’t shock me that he’s leaving/has left, but it does sort of astonish me that this was a contract engagement. It seems like Imagineers would have been smart enough to create a remote controlled garbage can with a speaker.

  23. RA says

    People will just have to go over to IOA where they have the talking fountain if they need an inanimate object to chat with them. The one at IOA tends to spray you, though.

  24. Psac says

    Interesting article on the legality of the situation. I always hate it when a company sabotages themselves, like not filing the necessary paperwork to keep their trademark valid.

    The biggest part of the value of PUSH to the customers is the humor of the actor controlling it, but from what I’ve seen out of Crush and the Laugh Floor, I think they could find decent substitutes.

    I agree the robotics idea would be a good one. Who wouldn’t want to interract with a C3PO for instance? Or R2D2, which would be even easier with just a series of beeps…

  25. Dani says

    Why does no one mention the drinking fountains in Epcot that made noises that they removed? It’s like no one cares about life anymore.

  26. MandaM says

    On trip last summer, Push spent around 10 minutes with DD13, “pin trading” with her, and then progressing to asking her to be his girlfriend, serenading her with “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” while they slow danced, and then asked her out in a date. He took her to Gravity Annie’s and “bought” her an ice cream cone, – and then had the while store and the very large crowd that was watching sing her Happy Birthday.

    In all of our Disney trips, that’s now one of our favorite memories. No, Push wasn’t a headliner, and every interaction with him certainly wasn’t up that level. But he was one of the quirky, unplanned little gems that you could stumble across during a Disney World, vacation. There weren’t any FP+’s for him, or lines with character handlers and PhotoPass photographers, but if you were lucky and in the right place at the right time, he could add a little bit of magic to your day. We’ll miss him.


    mandaM could not have put it any better !!!!!!!!!!!!! my wife & I just enjoyed push . he has sang happy birthday to me . & I have fed him leaves to thank him . SIGH …..

  28. Paul says

    The Greatness of Josh’s research prevails again! If you people are this passionate about removing Push, I’d hate to see what you’d do if they removed Stitch’s Great Escape!

  29. Samantha says

    @William, I think the store idea for this website is genius. Josh could also add some kind of memorial shirt for the Main Street Bakery cinnamon rolls. And I think he should trademark #vacationruined.

  30. sara says

    Josh, I would love to hear more about fast pass +. Tons of bad reviews all over the place but with no real descriptions on how it works in all of the parks. I’m going in May and I’m kind freaking out about what will happen.

  31. Dana says

    I agree with Brenna. “The Incredibles dance party was painful to watch.” Much prefer PUSH. lol PUSH came to shove :).

  32. David says

    The prices just keep going up, while all of the “extras” just keep being slashed.

    Meanwhile Universal is investing millions of dollars per year to update their parks.

  33. Brad says

    …but – but – they are adding these great things like “dance parties” to replace these losses, right?. I mean, dance parties are certainly what WE go to Disney for, after all.

  34. Merrilyn says

    When Pluto is a part of the Dance party and not Mrs. Incredible (who seems to have a problem with keeping her “face” on) then I love the Dance party in Tomorrowland.

  35. RebeccaMcK says

    I think I only saw PUSH once, and not for long. It’ll live forever on YouTube. I’d be more upset about Remy leaving the French restaurant – saw someone comment on that here. I got to see him once and took his picture, but the kiddo wasn’t with me so she’ll never get to see him “in person.” Oh well…again, YouTube. Thanks to people for posting the OrlandoSentinel link(s)…through one of those there were pictures (in the “related” section on the left) of close-up details of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster, which I loved seeing. Can’t wait until THAT is open!

  36. MAY says

    When our daughter was 2 years old, we took her to wdw for first time (animal kingdom, epcot, and magic kingdom). At the end of the trip, when asked what was her favorite part… she said the talking trashcan was the best part.

  37. Anonymous says

    My over-riding memory is watching some little darling, complete with princess dress, kicking seven bells out of him while he made haste for an exit. Ahh, the memories!

  38. Wozz says

    I saw PUSH at Hong Kong Disneyland. He drew a big crowd. I couldn’t understand what he was saying (speaking cantonese…I think) but he had the whole crowd cracking up.

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