Preliminary September 2014 Disney World Crowd Calendar

This is what we’re looking at for September 2k14. Click to enlarge or view as a prettier PDF. And if you don’t know what the numbers/letters mean, read the top of this post.

The website had some initial impressions about the operating schedule earlier today in this post, so I won’t recount the same thoughts again. The full operating schedule is available here. There are no “errors” on the schedule and what you see linked is exactly what’s available internally. Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade is expected to end in June around the same time as the Festival of the Lion King theater in Africa opens. That has not been formally announced and the Parade will continue to be listed until an end date is confirmed. Likewise, Disney has not announced the start date of the new Festival of Fantasy Parade, even though it’s widely speculated to be in the middle of March. Festival of Fantasy should certainly be running in September, but Disney won’t add it to an official operating schedule until the start date is formally announced.

There were a few questions about two evening Extra Magic Hours on Mondays with the addition of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on Sundays. The bottom line is that Disney is trying to sell as many tickets to those Parties as possible. With no Extra Magic Hours scheduled on Sundays, people are more likely to purchase tickets. If Disney moved the Studios’ evening EMH to Sunday and kept the Park open until 10pm, they would sell fewer tickets. I would not expect the Extra Magic Hours schedule to change unless they decide not to run the Halloween Party on Sundays. Remember that Halloween Party dates are not finalized and they have shifted in the past.

There are always questions regarding the initial release of an operating schedule as people compare the operating hours to last year. You can take a look at least year’s final schedule here. Disney always releases a conservative operating schedule first and then follows with an update closer to the start of the month. Before MyMagic+, those updates usually came just 2.5 weeks before the start of the month. Now they come about 3.5 months in advance. Look for a major update to September’s operating schedule around May 16th. The final schedule should look more or less the same as last year.

The recommendations are otherwise mostly what you would expect. Animal Kingdom comes tentatively recommended on Mondays even with the morning Extra Magic Hours attached because Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios will be so popular with evening EMH. Epcot is also tentatively recommended on Tuesdays during the Food and Wine Festival because it isn’t much more crowded than the recommended Mondays and Thursdays and is far less crowded than the weekends. Ideally, only people eligible for EMH that plan to arrive in time to take advantage of it would visit on those tentatively recommended days, but they’re not so bad that they come “not recommended.”


  1. Sarah says

    Josh, thanks so much for the info you always share. I have a question. Do you think it is at all likely that MSEP would be added later for Tuesday, Sept. 30? Thanks!

  2. Laura says

    We’re planning our September trip, and I always look for your suggestions. Thank you for getting this posted so quickly!

  3. Deana says

    I have been WAITING for this!!!!! Changed my plans up a bit….
    Are you going to be posting a day by day explanation too?? Staying off site for 1st time ~so, even more obsessive about my planning!! Thanks!!!!

  4. Kylie says

    Have they ever done that before? No EMH whatsoever on a party day? I can understand no PM EMH, but no AM EMH?? And three different EMH the following day…I don’t know, that just seems really weird.

  5. Allison says

    If we want to visit MK on a day with MSEP (because we don’t have Park Hopper) which day is better, Monday or Thursday?

  6. Mike says

    Thank you for this information. However, do you have any thoughts to share regarding the water parks? I have been following your blog, but have not seen any mentions of your opinions on the water parks, or maybe I just missed it…

    Thanks again for helping us plan our vacations.

  7. Rob says

    I’m beeting they change the hours on the 30th to include a MNSSHP. It seems odd they would suddenly not do it on the Tuesday when they have been doing it for the three previous weeks.

  8. Amanda says

    Any word on if Disney will be doing the free dining plan for September? And if so when they usually start promoting it? Going on our honeymoon 14th-25th. Thanks!

  9. Heidi says

    There wasn’t a MNSSHP on that Tuesday last year either (which would be the 30th this year, October 1st last year.) It looks like they might shift them to Thur. nights instead of Tue. nights starting then and into mid-October, if they follow the same pattern for this year.

  10. Sam says

    @Amanda, free dining offer usually comes out in May. Of course this year, like years past, there’s a rumor it’s not happening. No one knows!

  11. DS says

    Any idea when the detailed written out September 2014 month will be written in paragraph form? Hoping to get my days set before my ADR’s are due.

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