MagicBands Available to All U.S. Based Walt Disney World Annual Passholders, Booking Window Cut to 30 Days

All Annual Passholders that have their Passes connected to their My Disney Experience accounts may now customize and order complimentary MagicBands. This includes Passholders that have received MagicBands as part of a previous resort stay. I apparently have three Bands already attached to my account, in addition to a dozen or more I’ve picked up from various resort stays over the last few months, and Disney invited me to order another after logging in and visiting MagicBands will ship alongside a new gold or black discount card depending on the type of pass. Gold cards indicate eligibility for free parking, while black cards require guests to pay. To obtain free parking, Passholders can scan their new MagicBands, use the RFID Pass they already carry, or use the discount card. To receive discounts elsewhere on property, guests either show the discount card and a photo ID or the Annual Pass and a photo ID.This seems to render the discount card useless, but Disney notes that the discount card “is the only Passholder media that includes the Guest’s name and the expiration date of the Pass, making it the best means of verification for discounts. It is not RF-enabled and it does not contain a magnetic strip.” That doesn’t seem very compelling.

In addition, Annual Passholders can now only book FP+ 30 days in advance, instead of the 60 days they used to enjoy. Up to seven days of FP+ reservations can be made at any given time on a 30-day rolling window. Keep in mind that Passholders with an on-site reservation linked with their My Disney Experience will be able to book up to 60 days in advance of the check-in date for up to seven days or for the length of stay if it’s longer than seven days.

Only guests staying on-site can add charging privileges to their MagicBands.

Disney is still not shipping MagicBands outside of the United States. There is no will call pickup location for Passholders with shipping addresses outside the country to pick up their MagicBands upon arriving at Walt Disney World. These guests will continue to use their RFID Annual Passes.


  1. Strangeite says

    “Only guests staying on-site can add charging privileges to their MagicBands.”

    Unlike the mouse to not make it as easy as possible to spend money.

  2. Nicky says

    That doesn’t make annual passes very appealing to people overseas but is in line with what was expected – that onsite guest will have different privileges then offiste

  3. Katherine says

    β€œOnly guests staying on-site can add charging privileges to their MagicBands.”

    Exactly the same as KTTW cards, right? No change there.

  4. Helen B says

    I have an upcoming (onsite) trip in June, but was unable to book FP+ until today, when my annual passholder window opened up. At least it gives me a chance to play around with the system and see how it works, before I do the ‘real thing’ for my real trip!

  5. andrew says

    I spoke to a CM and they mentioned the charging not going to be an option for the AP bands simply because of the deals they would have to work out with every credit card company. The KTTW cards just ran up a balance then the resort would charge you at the end of the stay, which is considered a very secure transaction. Granted, you still need a PIN. Over time that may change but I’d expect it to stay as is. The annoyance there as a local AP is that I have to bring my band and my discount card and my credit card and wear the band for FPs that the wife and I rarely use. Band should have just stayed as a resort thing and let APs use RFID passes. Lol the could have saved millions ha

  6. Kirsty says

    As an overseas AP holder I can arrange for delivery to the hotel – just need to give them 2 weeks notice, or so they have told me anyway.

    Because I need another magic band. But hey – I want my Disney gold card πŸ˜‰

  7. Dough says

    I don’t really get the point in needing a magic band. All RFID-enabled cards/bands access the same MDE account that they’re tied to. We’ve been able to open our resort rooms with our AP cards before. I suppose it’s nice bring able to keep my AP card safe at home.

  8. sara says

    So now even more people can book FP+ in advance. Are there even going to be any left for the people staying offsite? How’s that going to work? I live in Washington State and am addicted to Disney but kind feel like where getting hosed on this one.

  9. cupcake says

    They have GOT to do something about their mandatory issue of multiple bands. We’ve had four on-site stays since MBs rolled out, we still use our very first paid of MBs and we’ve tossed all the gray ones they’ve insisted we take at each check-in. The last thing I want is to claim my AP set and waste another pair. Stop being so wasteful, Disney!

  10. Sheryl says

    Will the booking window expand to 60 days if you have an AP and have an advanced on-site reservation? I just got my reservation packet and it has a reminder to book FP+ 60 days in advance. They even gave me a date that the window opens.

  11. Sarah says

    Cupcake, if you don’t want your AP bands, simply don’t customize or update your address and they won’t be sent out. I was on the phone with a web support CM a few days ago for another reason, and he recommended this if I didn’t want any additional bands.

  12. Emily says

    I have a few questions. Does the AP magic band work to get in the park? Like, can I scan my MB instead of my AP? Also, with the 7 days within 30? Does that mean I can have 7 days in June, 7 in July, etc?

  13. Staci says

    @Sarah, I think that Cupcake means they HAVE only ever customized one set! Then when they show up, they force them to take the gray ones!

  14. Sarah says

    Right, but they don’t need to add to it if they don’t want to, by not customizing the AP bands. And I’m sure I’ve read elsewhere that if you already have MBs, you don’t *have* to take the grey ones at checkin. They aren’t customized, and can be reused for another guest. If someone insists you take the grey ones when you already have some on hand (or on wrist, as the case may be), simply insist just as firmly that you will not.

  15. Alicia says

    So, I’m confused! DH has an AP, and a MB from a stay onsite in October. We all had 10 Day MYW tickets and had received our MB. We now have another trip planned in May, we updated our address and customized them on our reservation. Can we still use the ones from October, or do we HAVE to use the new ones? Also, in order to get the free parking, do we need to get the one from the AP site?

  16. bob says


    this is off topic, but didn’t know where to ask otherwise…..
    for my june trip, now that anna & elsa are moving to fairy tale princess hall with FP+ and dwarfs mine car will be open, will getting there at 8 am emh rope drop be sufficient, or should i use FP+ for both? thanks, bob

  17. cupcake says

    Staci: right!

    Sarah: they ARE customized, actually. They print your name on the inside of the band. And front desk CMs have always insisted we take them (they usually say “as a back-up”, but one CM said “you can throw them out”). It’s all a little silly. We’ve got two more stays scheduled this year, by the time the year is over we’ll have wasted enough rubber to repave DHS.

  18. Michael says

    Cupcake I’ll trade places with you I’ll sacrifice and go get all those magic band vacations you work 51weeks a year

  19. cupcake says

    Michael: I actually work full-time in a pretty intense job AND I’m in grad school, so while I’m open to trading I kind of doubt you could handle being me πŸ˜‰ I’m never able to take a full week off for vacation, so I make up for it by having lots of 2-night weekend stays at WDW.

    I came back to this thread just to follow-up…I did NOT select AP magic bands on the site, but Disney just informed me they mailed them out anyway. Argh!

  20. JBL1230 says


    I have a regular annual pass as does my best friend… I got a black discount card that doesn’t say parking.. but my best friend got a yellow card that says parking. My pass includes parking. anyone know the answer to why i got a black card and he got a yellow one? we both have the regular annual pass.. it makes no sense to me. and the phone customer service was no help at all last night after i waited over 15 minutes on hold and 5 minutes while the cast member just stuttered around the situation.

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