Hollywood Studios’ August 23rd Morning Extra Magic Hour Moved to the 22nd

Just a heads up that Disney moved Hollywood Studios’ morning Extra Magic Hour from Saturday August 23rd to Friday August 22nd due to the Villains Unleashed event on the 23rd. This has changed the recommendations a bit on those dates.


  1. Carrie says

    These changes are driving me crazy. We have planned all our early ADRs/FP/etc. at HS on the 23rd because of the EMH. Thought about changing it when the Villains event was announced in case the crowd grew, but since the park was still recommended and we’re planning to hop to Epcot at night, we stuck with it. Now we’re losing the hour? This is really frustrating to try to plan when so much is in flux.

  2. Brian says

    This one is a win for us. Had planned HS for the 22nd at rope drop, using FP+ from 10-1, then hopping to MK for the evening after a pool break. With the morning hour now available we should be able to go FP+ free at HS and rebook them for our MK evening.

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