Disney World Magic Your Way Base Ticket Introduction

  • Prices Updated February 24, 2014

What are Magic Your Way Tickets?

The Magic Your Way Base Ticket is the name of the basic theme park admission ticket that Disney offers.  The great majority of Disney World visitors will purchase a Magic Your Way ticket, although some guests return with Annual Passes (good for unlimited admissions throughout the year, sometimes with blackout dates) or have a promotional ticket of some kind.  You may purchase a Magic Your Way ticket with one to ten days of theme park admissions.  The tickets expire 14 days from their first use at Disney World (the day of first use plus 13 additional days), not from the date of purchase or the date of receipt in the mail.  A ticket is not active until it has been used at a theme park.

All tickets are printed with the name of the owner clearly visible.  In addition, you will be asked to scan your finger each time you enter a theme park.  This is not a fingerprint scan, but rather a “biometric scan” that takes measurements of your finger.  It combines those measurements, and using a mathematical equation, turns it into one number assigned to your ticket. Guests using MagicBands may scan their Band instead of their ticket media if they’ve attached their tickets to their My Disney Experience account. Several upgrades to the Base Ticket are available, including No Expiration, Park Hopper, and Water Park Fun & More.

How Much Do Magic Your Way Tickets Cost?

While the cost always goes up to add more days to your Base Ticket, the cost per day goes down as you add days.   All prices include 6.5% Florida sales tax.

One Day Tickets

On June 2nd, 2013, Disney began charging $5 more for a one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom than a one-day ticket to the other three major theme parks.  Pricing is indicated below:

As you can see, the cost to add the fourth day is about $12 and each day after that is $10.  Disney prices their tickets in this way so it is cost effective to stay longer, which means you will be spending more money on food, souvenirs, and hotel rooms, which is where the Disney Company makes even more money than they would on admission.  It also dissuades people from purchasing tickets to other theme parks.  After all, the cost to add the 7th day to your Disney vacation is “only about $10,” compared to $90+ for a one-day ticket to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, etc. Disney keeps the single day tickets expensive in order to capitalize on those only spending one day at Disney World.

Upgrading Your Magic Your Way Ticket

The Magic Your Way Ticket is the bare minimum ticket that can be purchased, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need “more ticket.”  There are a few rules for upgrading Base Tickets.  First, all upgrades must be done within 14 days of the first use of the ticket, even if No Expiration is added.  You may also add days to your ticket as needed at the same price as it would have cost had you originally added them.  For example, if you’re unsure if you need six, seven, or eight days of admission, you can purchase a six-day ticket and add a seventh or eighth day if you decide that you need them, even after using the tickets.  You would only pay the additional cost per day at the same rate had you originally purchased a seven-day ticket ($10.65 per day as noted in the chart above).

Note that Disney changed their policy regarding when you can perform upgrades on August 3, 2011.  See this post for details: https://www.easywdw.com/news/new-disney-world-ticket-policy-going-into-effect-august-3-2011/.  Previously, you could add days to your ticket even if you had used up all of your theme park admissions.  Now, you must have a valid ticket in order to add additional days.  If you have a five day ticket, you must add additional days by the time you use the fifth day.  If you try to add additional days after, you may run into some problems.  If you’re unsure of whether or not you want to add additional days after using the ticket for the first time, see the link above for a clearer explanation.

If you upgrade to Water Park Fun & More, you can also add more days to your ticket solely to get more Water Park & Fun admissions.  For example, if you purchase a six-day ticket that comes with six admissions to the water parks and decide you want a seventh admission to a water park, you can purchase an additional theme park admission for $10.65 and use only the additional water park admission.

More information about possible upgrades is available in the upgrades section: https://www.easywdw.com/category/tickets/upgrades/.


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