April 8 Disney World Wait Times

We’re still in the midst of Peak Season at Disney World with significant spring break crowds still in attendance.  The predicted crowd level is an “8” today with both Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom coming in with a highly recommended rating.  Our usual crowd trajectory was thrown off a bit earlier this week due to the Tuesday morning storm that kept a lot of people away from the Parks.  That storm increased the overall crowd level on Wednesday and caused more people than usual to head to the Magic Kingdom.  Wednesday ended up being a solid “9.561” on our crowd calendar scale with triple digit waits at all four major theme parks.  Yes, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Soarin’, Space Mountain, Toy Story Mania, and a host of others all hit 100+ minute waits on Wednesday.  All week I’ve been saying Epcot’s wait times will be in the triple digits today and longer than any other day this week, thanks to evening Extra Magic Hours luring a ton of Disney resort guests.  Let’s see how we did.

All wait times are taken from what’s posted outside the attraction between 2:00pm and 2:15pm.

Animal Kingdom (Recommended):

Dinosaur: 15 minutes

Expedition Everest: 40 minutes

It’s Tough to be a Bug: 10 minutes

Kali River Rapids: 35 minutes

Kilimanjaro Safaris: 45 minutes

Animal Kingdom is recommended, though yesterday was recommended higher.  People tend to visit Animal Kingdom when less is going on at the other Parks.  Although Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes are scheduled at Magic Kingdom, they’re scheduled every day this week, which causes both shows to have less of an impact on crowds than when they’re scheduled less often.  Evening Extra Magic Hours at Epcot helps pull Disney resort guests away, but we don’t have Fantasmic scheduled at Hollywood Studios or anything else going on.  Since Animal Kingdom is the least popular of the four major theme parks, people on week-long vacations tend to save it for later in the week, which makes most Fridays busier than recommended days earlier in the week.  You’ll commonly see Tuesdays and Thursdays as the most recommended days.  However, these waits times certainly aren’t “bad” and are much lower than we saw this past Monday or Wednesday when Animal Kingdom was expressly not recommended.

Epcot (Not Recommended):

Living with the Land: 20 minutes

Maelstrom: 35 minutes

Mission Space Green Team: 20 minutes

Mission Space Orange Team: 35 minutes

Soarin’: 120 minutes

Spaceship Earth:5 minutes

Test Track: 110 minutes

Week after week, Epcot is at its busiest when evening Extra Magic Hours is scheduled.  We actually saw waits in the 35 minute range at Spaceship Earth in the morning, which is virtually unheard of most of the year.  Because Disney resort guests tend to stay until around 10:00pm-10:30pm, attraction wait times will stay longer throughout the rest of the day.  Expect waits at Soarin’ and Test Track to be 60+ minutes until 11:15pm.  When Epcot was recommended highly yesterday, the wait at Test Track was 50 minutes and Soarin’ was at 60 minutes at 2:15pm.  There’s just no reason to visit Epcot when it’s hosting evening Extra Magic Hours.

Hollywood Studios (Most Recommended)

Backlot Tour: 15 minutes

Great Movie Ride: 10 minutes

Rock N Roller Coaster: 40 minutes

Tower of Terror: 25 minutes

Toy Story Mania:  65 minutes

As predicted, it’s the best day of the week at Hollywood Studios.  We’re coming off last night’s incredibly popular Fantasmic show and tomorrow’s morning Extra Magic Hour will attract a moderate number of Disney resort guests as well.  Yesterday, waits at Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster topped 110 minutes, Toy Story Mania hit 130 minutes, and Tower of Terror came in at a solid 55 minutes.  Because of Fantasmic, crowds stayed heavy throughout the day.  Not only are wait times shorter today, but they will get progressively lower after 5pm as more and more people leave the Park.

Magic Kingdom (Second Most Recommended):

Big Thunder Mountain: 30 minutes

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin: 20 minutes

Haunted Mansion: 20 minutes

It’s A Small World: 20 minutes

Peter Pan’s Flight: 50 minutes

Pirates of the Caribbean: 15 minutes

Space Mountain: 40 minutes

Splash Mountain: 45 minutes

Town Square Mickey Meet and Greet: 15 minutes

Town Square Princess Meet and Greet: 25 minutes

Winnie the Pooh: 30 minutes

Magic Kingdom is recommended today.  According to the Crowd Calendar, “If you won’t be in Disney World Sunday, today is your second best day this week to head to the Magic Kingdom.”  As previously suggested, Tuesday’s storm caused Wednesday to be busier than it would have been otherwise, but Friday is indeed an excellent day to visit.  Interestingly, Magic Kingdom is the only Park touringplans.com did not recommend today, which seems odd since these are the lowest wait times of the week.  As always, 8am to 11am was the best time to tour, but these peak afternoon waits are nothing to balk at and are actually lower than most Mondays and Saturdays  throughout the year.

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