Stitch’s Great Escape

Opened: November 16, 2004.


Across from Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland.

Extra Magic Hours: Morning, Evening.

FastPass+: No.

Type: Animatronic theater show.

Similar To: Uniquely uncomfortable.

Requirements: Must be 40” or taller.

Scary Factor: High. Stitch’s Great Escape may be frightening, with dark scenes, loud noises, and harness restraints that make visitors feel like they’re trapped in their seats.


I do not recommend this attraction for kids under the age of ten or those with claustrophobia. This is one of the rare attractions at Disney World that has a height requirement and isn’t a roller coaster or thrill ride. There’s no risk of bodily harm like there is with a rider who is too small for Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster or a similar ride. Instead, Disney is purposefully trying to keep young riders out by posting the 40” height requirement, so take that into consideration when deciding to visit this attraction.

What to Expect: Stitch’s Great Escape replaced the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter that was housed in the same space. Many people complained that the Alien Encounter was too scary for kids, so Disney finally shuttered the attraction and reopened with Stitch at the helm. The new version is mostly the same, with similar special effects and a supporting cast that is exactly the same.

Visitors begin the attraction in the preshow area by watching a short video providing the background story. After that, you’ll be seated in a large circular theater with harness-style restraints. The show begins and an audio-animatronic Stitch appears in the middle of the theater.

He goes about his business, cutting the power to the building, spitting water on visitors sitting in the first two rows, and burping the stench of chili dogs. The theater will intermittently go dark and it will seem as though Stitch is moving around the theater, touching people and creepily whispering in their ears. It’s a bizarre and unpleasant experience for many visitors from start to finish.

When To Go: Consider visiting in the afternoon or evening. Although it isn’t a relaxing attraction, it is seated, air-conditioned, and unpopular.

Expect to Wait: 5 to 15 minutes.

Length: 10 minutes.

Rating: 3/10.

Commentary: Stitch’s Great Escape will likely scare youngsters and bore adults. It’s not much more than watching a robot talk to you for 10 minutes while you’re stuck in a chair with uncomfortable shoulder restraints and a disgusting smell wafting about the room. The darkness, coupled with the touching effects are enough to scare most kids, sometimes to the point where it ruins the rest of their day and will make it more difficult to get them to enjoy other, more fun shows in the future. If your kids were scared on any other attraction at Disney World then you’ll probably want to skip this one. Personally, I don’t come down as hard on Stitch as some, but it’s hard to argue that the attraction is worth your time with limited time in the Parks.


  1. Emelie says

    This ride is very scary as suggested. It absolutely terrified my sister and following my sister wanted absolutely nothing to do with Stitch (cancelled reg. for breakfast at the Poly.) I personally dont remember many of the details of the ride (other than dark and Stitch whispering in my ear) but we are going back to Disney (after a few year and my sister still doesnt want to ride so it clearly stuck with her).

  2. mike says

    She should of tried it’s predecessor alien encounter it was far scarier to some people. My nephew screamed almost the entire time the attraction was going

  3. Doctor10 says

    I must like things that are scary, because I really enjoyed the Alien Encounter enough I bought a t-shirt. I think I recall going to the Stitch modified version as well, and to some degree kind of missed the original. If anything, the Alien Encounter was something that appealed to this thrill seeker’s senses in ways I didn’t know was possible…Almost like being in a mild SAW movie of my own LOL…To each his or her own :)

    • mags says

      You made me laugh out loud with this comment: thank you! I don’t mind Stitch, but probably because I did Alien Encounter when I was pregnant, and I prefer anything to that experience.

  4. Autumn says

    Aww, our family loves Stitch, so we liked this attraction. Our three and seven year olds thought it was funny and exciting, not scary (although we were prepared to reassure them if they did get scared). And afterward, they had fun “looking out for Stitch” around the Magic Kingdom. It’s wasn’t their overwhelming favorite, but it was fun, and they still talk about it and would like to do it again. Poor Stitch, his attraction gets such a bad rep! 😉

  5. Dani says

    I liked AE and believe it or not I used to have a crush on S.I.R. when I was 12. (I’m 13 now) I went on this ride 2 weeks ago and thought it was kinda fun. I like 90210 in the pre-show.

  6. Wes says

    This ride is absolute trash!! Disney wasted their money on everything about this ride. You go in and it’s not even a ride NO KID should be riding this . Stitch is supposed to be a nice guy not a evil criminal . It goes pitch black for a matter of minutes and then makes loud noises and puts hard pressure on your shoulders with your seat. Please never ride this save your time

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