Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Opened: May 28, 2014.


In Fantasyland, you can’t miss it to the right of Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel and Pinocchio Village Haus, across from Friar’s Nook, and to the left of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

From the back of Cinderella Castle, you’d continue walking up past Princess Fairytale Hall and take a right. The entrance is then on your left.

Extra Magic Hours: Morning, Evening.

Ride Length: 3 minutes.

Type: Roller Coaster.

Similar To: Somewhat similar to Big Thunder Mountain, only smoother and with smaller ride vehicles that sway back and forth.

Requirements: Guests must be at least 38″ to ride.

Will I fit?

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was built with Shanghai Disneyland in mind and because of that, the seats are a little tighter than you’d expect from a new domestic attraction. I’m 6’2″ tall and around 220 pounds and I don’t have much trouble getting in or out, but add a few inches or 50 pounds and I’d probably be singing a different tune. The restraints are thick and unlike most other coasters, there’s no give once you pull it down. If you’re carrying bags and have somewhere else to stow them (like a stroller), then you may want to do that or otherwise have a smaller rider be in charge on-ride. There’s a lot more legroom without a bag at the feet. Unfortunately, there is no example ride vehicle outside the attraction entrance, so those concerned about fitting won’t know until just after boarding.

Scary Factor: Low for a roller coaster.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has a top speed under 35 miles per hour with no drops over 45 feet, but the outdoor portion after the dark ride scene may be moderately intense for the young or those apprehensive about riding. It’s a very smooth experience that ultimately shouldn’t upset most people.

What to Expect:

The standby queue often starts outside the attraction’s main entrance and winds around outdoors for the majority of the time.

Just before heading inside the Vault, there are some fun interactive games to play.

The queue then continues inside with more interactive elements and air-conditioning.

The ride winds around outside before heading inside the cave to meet the Seven Dwarfs.

After that, the ride continues with a brief tour of New Fantasyland before arriving back at the station. Of course, you’ll see a lot more than that, but I’ll let you wait and see 😉

Where to Sit:

Each row seats two with separate lap restraints. The ride is wildest in back. Those looking for a sense of less velocity may want to request the first row for the best view, or the second row for a less intense experience coupled with less fear of being first headed down each drop. Request a row when the cast member asks how many are in your party just prior to boarding. There are then separate areas for those requesting the first and last rows.

On-Ride Photo: There’s actually an on-ride video taken that includes stock footage of the ride in addition to video of your specific ride that begins just after the dark ride portion. The video is then “beamed” directly to your MagicBand or ticket so you can look it up via Disney’s online PhotoPass service. Unlike other rides, there is no way to review the footage at a kiosk or screen after the ride.

FastPass+: Yes, highest priority along with the Princess Fairytale Hall Meet and Greet with Anna and Elsa. Mine Train FP+ are routinely unavailable 60 days in advance as those with on-site reservations have the ability to scheduled FP+ for the duration of their trip at 60 days. To secure FP+, you’ll need to log in at midnight 60 days in advance of your arrival and book Mine Train FastPass+ for your Magic Kingdom day as far into the future as possible. Otherwise, people do occasionally cancel, which opens up availability, but there is otherwise no availability whatsoever 59 days in advance more often than not.

What You Miss Using FastPass+:

You’ll bypass the various interactive elements, some of which are fun, but none of which are probably worth waiting 60 to 90 minutes to experience. Those that would like to see the standby queue should visit absolutely first thing or just before Park close.

Total Average Experience Time with FastPass+: 15 minutes.

4th FastPass+ Availability:

Expect to Wait:

When to Go: Absolutely first thing in the morning. The easiest way to experience Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in standby is to secure an 8am breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant and be out no later than 8:35am with a regular 9am open. With a morning Extra Magic Hour or 8am regular open, this won’t work because you’ll be eating breakfast while everyone is filling the queue. After breakfast, head outside and wait for cast to let you head toward the Mine Train. You’ll beat everybody heading in from the main entrance. From the main entrance, you’ll need to be at the front of the pack headed towards Mine Train and hurry toward the ride. Somebody that’s there at rope drop and hurries to the ride will only wait a handful of minutes, while someone else at rope drop in the back of the pack will wait 60 or more minutes.

Rating: 9/10.

Commentary: There’s some contention that Mine Train is “too short” and while it would be neat to see more dark ride elements or a longer duration, what we end up with is still a spectacular attraction that blends everything Disney does so well together. Is it worth 90 minutes in line? Is any ride, really? Perhaps not, but if you secure FastPass+ or visit during a recommended time, the ride should certainly be worth your 5-20 minute wait. Don’t miss it.

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