Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater

Opened: Mickey began appearing as talking Magician Mickey in late 2013.


Mickey meets just inside the main entrance on the right side of Town Square. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is located immediately to the left.

Extra Magic Hours: No.

Visit Length: You should spend about five minutes in the room with Mickey and about 90 seconds with Walt Disney World’s head of operations.

Type: Meet and Greet.

Similar To: Adventurers Outpost at Animal Kingdom.

Requirements: Just the desire to meet Mickey.

Scary Factor: Very young children are occasionally intimidated by the size of some of Disney’s characters. With apprehensive children, consider sitting them down and watching YouTube videos of the meet and greet so they feel more comfortable with the setting.

What to Expect:

Both the Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell meets are located inside Town Square Theater.

Those meeting Mickey will keep to the right inside, while those visiting Tinker Bell continue to the back of the room on the left.

The waiting area offers some fun props and signs.

Small groups are then led into Mickey’s dressing room where he meets his fans. The wait here is usually about five minutes.

This is the one Meet and Greet where Mickey actually talks and interacts with guests. It’s fun to see.

FastPass+: Yes, moderate priority. Being a Meet and Greet, the number of daily FastPass+ experiences is on the low side and wait times under FastPass+ are typically 40 to 60+ minutes in the afternoon, so it will save you some time. Mickey’s location on Main Street is also inconvenient to most other areas of the Park, so it’s a good idea to schedule an afternoon FastPass+ around the time you plan to arrive or leave the Park.

What You Miss Using FastPass+:

You’ll miss some of the props and gags in the queue, but it shouldn’t be enough to get anybody to wait 60 minutes to see them instead.

Total Average Experience Time with FastPass+: 20 minutes.

4th FastPass+ Availability:

Expect to Wait:

When to Go: During the daytime parade, usually between 2:30pm and 3:30pm, as late in the evening as possible, or with FastPass+. Most people will be headed to another priority attraction first thing, but with Mickey’s low capacity and location at the front of the Park, waits typically rise fairly fast first thing. During the afternoon parade, waits drop significantly as the parade route cuts off access to Main Street and most families in the Park are staking out suitable viewing locations. Waits typically drop significantly in the evening as most families with kids have left.

Rating: 8/10

Commentary: With the air-conditioning, unique setting, and the fact that Mickey talks, this is probably the best spot to get pictures and autographs with Mickey.


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