Hall of Presidents

Opened: October 1, 1971, reopened after extensive refurbishment on July1, 2009.


As you cross the bridge from The Hub into Liberty Square, you’ll see it on your right after passing Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

Extra Magic Hours: No.

Show Length: 25 minutes

FastPass+: Not offered.

Type: Animatronic theater show.

Similar To: The American Adventure.

Requirements: None.

Scary Factor: Zero, unless seeing George W. Bush or Bill Clinton reprise their role as Commander in Chief will be too upsetting.

What to Expect: Similar to The American Adventure at the United States Pavilion in Epcot, the Hall of Presidents is a theater show featuring film clips and animatronics of all 44 of the United States’ Presidents. The show is patriotic in focus and serves to expound on the hardships and triumphs of the United States through the years. The theater is air-conditioned, comfortable, and seats over 700 people, which makes it a nice and easy attraction to enjoy in the afternoon heat. The queue area features some impressive artifacts and memorabilia, including a collection of dresses worn by the First Ladies of the United States, George Bush’s inaugural cowboy boots, and the actual eggs from the annual White House Easter egg hunt.

Where to Sit: Sit at least half way back for a clear view of the entire stage.

When To Go: Visit in the mid-afternoon or whenever you need a break from walking around. The queue area and theater are air-conditioned and this is probably the most comfortable place to sit and relax at the Magic Kingdom. Shows begin on the half hour – arrive 20 or 50 minutes after the hour to minimize waits and have an opportunity to look around.

Expect to Wait: Up to 29 minutes for the next show to start.

Rating: 7/10

Commentary: Thank goodness for indoor, air-conditioned theater shows when it’s 100 degrees out. The Hall of Presidents will likely resonate better with adults from the United States rather than kids or guests from abroad. This likely won’t be a child’s favorite attraction, unless they particularly enjoy history class, but it is a thoughtful introduction to the United States and its leaders. Hall of Presidents is recommended if you’re looking for a break or the subject matter is of particular interest, but if you’re short on time or your kids are particularly squirrely then you may want to skip this.

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