Review: Mexico 2017 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Mexico Marketplace Epcot Food Wine Festival

Mexico returns in the same location with the pyramid ahead.

The Ribeye Taco returns after a hiatus of a couple of years, while the other two food items are new takes on classic dishes. For the most part, the beverages are a little different than previous years.

Rib Eye Taco: Marinated Rib Eye, Roasted Chipotle Sauce and Grilled Scallions on a Corn Tortilla – $6.75

Mexico’s tacos are typically on the small side given the price, which has also increased $1.25 over the last two years. This is one of their most flavorful offerings in the last few years – the tender beef has a nice spicy quality to it and the scallions provide a nice crunch, but there’s almost too much going on given that it’s just about three bites – that’s not a giant fork. You could do worse, but this is $2 overpriced, even for the Festival.

Taste: 7/10

Value: 3/10

Tequila Chipotle Shrimp: Served on a Black Bean Huarache garnished with Red and Green Cabbage, Queso Fresco and Crema Mexicana – $6.50

This is probably going to be a fork and knife situation with the height of the stuff on top of the flattened masa, which is difficult to cut with a plastic knife. Otherwise, it’s three decently-sized shrimp on top of a crunchy salad with a mildly spicy, creamy sour cream sauce and a nice sprinkle of queso fresco. I thought it was a lot more novel than the beef taco, but would have liked to have seen a larger tortilla that would be easier to pick up.

Taste: 6/10

Value: 5/10

Cajeta Mousse served with Cajeta Sauce and White Chocolate Flakes – $4.25

Mexico’s desserts are typically the Marketplace’s best bet and that tradition continues with this caramel mousse topped with a rich caramel sauce made with goat’s milk. It’s sweet, smooth, and creamy and the chocolate pieces on top add an interesting crunchy element. It’s sort of like a creme brulee without the blow torch. Very good.

Taste: 7/10

Value: 5/10

Spicy Apple Margarita – $10.75

What we were served on day one might have been the worst margarita yet – syrupy and artificial tasting with a really bizarre cinnamon-sugar aftertaste that somehow made the sting of the alcohol far worse. The ingredients never adequately combine, making for a sip that’s sometimes thick and sometimes watery. Very bizarre.

Taste: 1/10

Value: 1/10

Classic Lime Margarita – $10.25

Despite what might be characterized as “limited success” with the first margarita, I returned a couple of days later to try the Classic Lime. And I’m happy to report that it was actually really good, particularly with the help of rock bottom expectations. The mix tasted natural and while the tequila was present at the start of each sip, the flavor was very pleasantly washed away by the juice.

Taste: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Corona Draft Beer with Floater – $4.75

This was more of a “sinker” in that the “floater” was added to the bottom of the cup before the beer. Your options should be Kahlua, Ginger Liqueur, or Pomegranate liqueur. The small amount of Kahlua in one and pomegranate liqueur in the other didn’t seem to do much to the flavor profile other than make each taste a little “off” – a little thicker and more syrupy than the beer would be otherwise. It might be worth trying for the novelty.

Taste: 3/10

Value: 3/10

Mexican Mule – $9.25

The Mexican Mule is a drink that The Tequila Cave inside the pyramid has been teasing and touting for a couple of months now and I think the drink works as far as gingery, mint-y, carbonated tequila drinks go. Served surprisingly well-mixed, the flavors combine to form a pleasantly refreshing. subtly sweet flavor profile. At least what we were served was quite good and it’s a buck less than a lot of other Festival cocktails.

Taste: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Overall, Mexico’s tacos are overpriced, as they are every year, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from ordering a couple anyway. I think the flavors are very good this year and it’s not like a lot of the other available items present an overwhelming amount of value. The Classic Lime Margarita is your safest drink bet here with the Mexican Mule doing a nice job of switching up the usual flavors. If you do stop, consider picking up the mousse as well. It’s cool, light, and refreshing.


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