Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Opened: Original show opened March 5, 1983 and the newest iteration opened June 2, 2002.

Location: Future World – Imagination Pavilion. The entrance is on the first floor through the sliding doors.

Closes Early: Unless it’s an evening Extra Magic Hours day, Journey into Imagination closes at 7pm.

Extra Magic Hours: Evening.

Type: Dark ride.

Similar To: Spaceship Earth, Haunted Mansion.

Requirements: None.

Scary Factor:

Low. It is occasionally dark and there are a few surprises, but this will only startle the young that are extremely prone to attraction anxiety.

Length: 5 minutes

What to Expect: The Journey takes you slowly through a variety of rooms, each designed to stimulate the senses.

The trip is narrated by Dr. Nigel Channing and intermittently interrupted by Figment.

Where to Sit:

You don’t have much choice.

Each of the four vehicles that make up of a train basically has two rows that each seats two to three people – the view from the first is a little better and if you only have one opportunity to ride, you may want to request it.

FastPass+: Yes – low priority. Wait times typically peak at 25 minutes from 11am-12:30pm, but remain short before and after and FastPass+ availability is plentiful for most of the day.

What You Miss Using FastPass+:

Almost nothing.

You may have a few seconds less to look at the stuff in the queue, but it isn’t a make it or break it part of the attraction.

Total Average Experience Time with FastPass+: 12 minutes.

4th FastPass+ Availability:

Expect to Wait:

When To Go: Before 11am, after 5pm, or with FastPass+. On less crowded days, most anytime is fine, but waits may be surprising to those that are used to walking on the ride regardless of crowd level and time of day.

Post-ride area:

Image Works and the “What If” Labs is the post-ride area that all guests exiting the ride will walk through. It’s also accessible without riding through the store on the left side of the Imagination Pavilion.

Here, you’ll find a variety of interactive games. 95% of people skip it entirely, but it might be worth checking out for those with young kids looking for an air-conditioned diversion without wait times.

Rating: 4/10

Interesting Fact: In 1997, Fujifilm wanted to replace Kodak as the title sponsor of the Imagination Pavilion and build a roller coaster in place of Journey into Imagination. Ultimately, Disney chose to stick with Kodak and instead of replacing Journey with a thrill ride, decided to re-theme the ride with cheaper effects and materials. Fans of the original ride were so upset with the new Journey that they boycotted the ride and Kodak products and Disney was forced to re-theme the ride again in 2001. Kodak decided to end its sponsorship of the Imagination Pavilion in August 2010; it is currently without a title sponsor.

Commentary: Journey into Imagination is worth experiencing, but only because there’s usually a low wait and zero fuss. It’s a cute ride, but it’s unlikely to rank among your favorites.


  1. Julia says

    Although I agree with you that there is nothing “conventionally” scary on this ride, I disagree with giving it a 0 rating . Most people forget there is a part of the ride where (if I remember correctly) a train or truck with a blinding headlight comes barreling towards you. It scared/startled the dickens out of my toddler!

  2. Kim says

    Figment was the only ride that scared my daughter (besides Speedway, but I think that’s just because she wanted to get out and not sit in the blazing hot sun waiting to unload.) I was surprised at how frightened she was, but the noises really startled her, I can’t remember much about what it was, but I wasn’t expecting it.

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