Future World Kiosks

9/15/15 Update: Menus updated.

A look at the Future World kiosks:

We begin in Future World before moving up through World Showcase clockwise. Epcot’s newest cart also changes its menu most often.

It’s your first or last opportunity to pick up a beer and an ice cream bar.

Around the corner in Future World East you’ll find two snack carts.

Standard popcorn and ice cream bars.

If for some reason you’re after a turkey leg, this is your best opportunity until you hit the Fife & Drum in the U.S. Pavilion.

Cool Wash outside Test Track is open more often than not these days.

Serving frozen beverages.

Now over in Future World West:

Now onto the opposite side of Future World.

This is Epcot’s first major foray into the world of flavored popcorn, which is popular in the Tokyo theme parks.

I’m not sure how well it could hold up when the “RealFeel” is 100+ degrees from 10am through 8pm and the flavors aren’t particularly imaginative, but radioactive cheese sounds promising.

The other cart:

It’s unfortunate how bad of a value many of the healthier options are, particularly fruit.

One last outdoor kiosk.

The almonds and pecans are a nice snack, but the price point is getting up there.

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