Innoventions East and West

Location: Future World.

Innoventions East is actually on the left side of Epcot as you enter from the main entrance and proceed towards the fountain and other Future World rides. It also has an entrance across from Test Track.

Innoventions West is located on the Land/Seas/Imagination Pavilion side.

At the moment, there’s virtually nothing inside, other than a bank of PS3 machines free for guests to use and the Disney Visa Character Meet. The Visa Meet and Greet runs from 1pm to 7pm daily and requires a Disney-issued Visa card to participate.

Closes Early: Both Innoventions buildings almost always close at 7pm.

Extra Magic Hours: No.

FastPass+: No.

Type: Hands-on exhibits, shows, and attractions.

Similar To: Conservation Station at Animal Kingdom, only without the animals.

Requirements: None to enter the buildings. Sum of All Thrills requires visitors to be 48” tall to ride and 54” tall to add inversions.

Scary Factor: Entering Innoventions isn’t at all scary, but some of the attractions inside might be.

Sum of All Thrills can be an intense simulator attraction that goes upside down and moves freely from side to side. During the interactive creation of your ride, you’ll be able to set the intensity, number of inversions, etc.

If you would like the ride to be tamer, simply set the speed low and don’t add loops. The choices to the left of the screen are always milder. There’s a test vehicle located to the left of the attraction. If you’re concerned about feeling claustrophobic or worried about fitting in the seats, try it out before committing to getting in line.

Storm Struck, also in Innoventions East, is a little intense. It’s another of the 4D shows. It puts you in a small room with a simulation of a catastrophic storm.  It’s obvious that you’re never in any real danger, but water will squirt in your face and trees will fall on the screens in front of you. It can be a little traumatic for those that have experienced a similar storm in real life.

When To Go: Sum of All Thrills is the only morning priority and should be experienced immediately after Test Track due to its low capacity and lack of FastPass+. With 30 people in front of you, you’re looking at a ten to fifteen minute wait.  Plus, it’s on the way to Mission: Space. The other Innoventions exhibits generally have shorter to nonexistent waits. Head to Sum of All Thrills in the morning and then return to Innoventions East later for whatever else looks good.  It’s air-conditioned and kept darker than most other areas on Disney property.

Expect to Wait: Sum of All Thrills sees the longest lines, with waits of 25 minutes common in the afternoon. The attraction remains under-publicized and many people still don’t know that it exists, but it’s slowly catching on and waits are getting longer and longer. Other than that, significant waits are uncommon.  You’ll most likely get into the next Storm Struck or Habit Heroes presentation. If an area or queue is busy, return later and the crowds should dissipate. Because a lot of the attractions have limited capacities, one large group can have a more substantial impact than the headlining attractions that move through 1,500 people per hour.

Length: You’re welcome to spend as much or as little time in Innoventions as you like.  Most attractions don’t have a time limit, but several shows last about ten minutes. Storm Struck is close to 15 minutes, Sum of All Thrills is a minimum of 20 minutes, and Habit Heroes will take at least 15 minutes.

What to Expect: Innoventions is broken up into two pavilions, Innoventions West and Innoventions East. Both are large buildings that house a variety of educational exhibits and attractions, though West is currently home to little other than the Visa Meet and Greet. Innoventions is more of a “fun museum” rather than a conventional theme park experience. You’ll have to spend some time with the exhibits to get anything out of them. It’s not an area where you can walk through at a brisk pace and expect to learn anything or have much fun.

Rating: 3/10, with the exception of Sum of All Thrills, which is a 7/10.

Commentary: Innoventions is a nice air-conditioned diversion. There are a number of hands-on exhibits to try, some of which are fun and others of which are pretty lame. Sum of All Fears is the best attraction. You design your own ride by selecting the theme, speed, course, inversions, etc. and then “ride it” virtually by sitting in a pod attached to a large robotic arm that mimics the movement you designed. Storm Struck, the hurricane simulator, is another fun attraction.

Storm Struck is worth doing if you have plenty of time and Habit Heroes can be kind of fun with kids.

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