Pavilion Setting: Morocco is represented by architecture and monuments from three famous Moroccan cities – Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakesh. Koutoubia Minaret, the focal point of the Pavilion, is a replica of the 12th century Marrakesh prayer tower that looks out over World Showcase.

Morocco is the only state-sponsored World Showcase Pavilion and the country played an integral part in the design and construction of the buildings, gardens, and Bab Boujeloud arch.

The King of Morocco actually sent his personal craftsmen to construct and lay tile in much of the Pavilion, making this one of the most authentic areas in Epcot.

Because of the religious significance of many of Morocco’s buildings, lights are not shined on the Pavilion during Illuminations.

Attraction Info: Morocco does not feature a ride or a film, but there are a great number of cultural exhibits to peruse around the Pavilion. For example, The Fez House is a replica of a typical Moroccan home, with beautiful tile work and authentic artifacts.

Be sure to also check out the “Gallery of Arts and History” and “Moroccan Style: The Art of Personal Adornment” museums for a variety of authentic displays of Moroccan history, technology, and accomplishment. All three of these exhibits can be casually experienced in about 15 minutes. Finally, check your Times Guide for “B’net Al Houwariyate” which features live Moroccan music on a stage on the Japan side. Shows are usually scheduled daily except for Mondays and Tuesdays beginning at 1:20pm with additional shows each hour.

Dining Options:

Tangierine Café is one of the best values on the Disney Dining Plan and serves tasty, authentic Moroccan fare. Out of pocket, it still presents a fantastic value with fresh, flavorful dishes that are large enough to share.

Restaurant Marrakesh offers freshly prepared Moroccan cuisine and entertainment including a belly dancer and live band.

Lunch is a better value, when the same entrees as dinner are about $10 less expensive. Flavors are more familiar than you might expect with items like chicken and beef with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spices.

Because the restaurant is kind of hidden in a windowless building in the back of the Pavilion, it’s almost always easy to walk up and get a table with a short wait, even without a reservation.

Spice Road Table, offering picturesque views of World Showcase Lagoon inside and out, is Epcot’s newest sit-down restaurant.

While the restaurant initially only offered tapas-size portions, Spice Road switched things up to be more of your typical table-service-restaurant offering a variety of entrees and appetizers in December 2014. It’s a great spot to pop in for drinks and snacks in the afternoon, in addition to an easy stop most nights for a sit-down dinner.

Drink Around the World: The Moroccan refreshment stand serves a variety of slushie-style drinks.

Epcot Morocco Gelato Flavors

The options are similar to what you’ll find at the Mexico Pavilion and include a margarita-type drink as well as a pina colada and daiquiri. They are more sugary than alcoholic, for the most part, with the alcohol typically poured on the bottom of the drink and then the non-alcoholic slushie is layered on top. Mediterranean beers like Aris, Almaza, and Casa are also available.

Inside Tangierine Cafe on the far left, you’ll find a pastry bar that serves drinks like mimosas and sangria, in addition to liqueurs.

Character Sightings:

Aladdin and Jasmine greet guests inside the Pavilion.

Shopping Opportunities:

Morocco offers six or so small shops with a great variety of unique merchandise and gifts in the open-air-like bazaar. Much of it is expensive, but it’s still fun to see the many handmade items and get a better sense of Moroccan style and culture. The Fez hat is probably the most popular item and many visitors get a kick out of wearing them around the World.

Plenty of less expensive items are also available.

Overall Ratings:

Setting: 9/10

Attractions: 3/10

Dining: 8/10

Drinking: 4/10

Shopping: 7/10


  1. John says

    The Moroco refreshment stand, according to my wife, offers the “best” iced coffee in Disney World. The others are terrible, she says, but the one on Moroco was great.

  2. Don says

    Ate at the new Spice Road Table last week. It has a nice selection of small plates that lend themselves to sharing. The shrimp dish was a little dull but the mussels and the lamb sausage were excellent. Fried calamari was also quite good. There was a unique selection of beers but our waitress’ description made most of them sound like light American lagers. I did the one darker lager which was from Turkey and it was okay.

    Most of the seating is open but covered. There is a full bar indoors behind the hostess stand. I don’t think there is any draft beer.

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