Brewer’s Collection

Brewers Collection returns next to the Germany Marketplace near the Germany Pavilion.

Just three beers make the cut this year and like every other Marketplace that isn’t Craft Beer, flights aren’t available.

Beer fans may remember just two years ago when eight draft beers were offered.

Of these, the Hacker-Pschorr is the best with your typical flavor profile for this style – bread-y, malt-y, clove-y, banana-y with just a little bit of spice on the back end.

The Radeberger Zwickel is also worth trying, though it is a far more bitter beer. Rare on draft though.

The Schöfferhofer Zitrone Weizen-Mix is a 2.5% ABV shandy that’s fruit-forward. It’s not necessarily “bad,” but expect a beer that tastes like it’s about half lemonade.


  1. DwarfPlanet says

    The Zitrone is something we ran into on almost every menu in Bavaria this time last year except the locals called it a “Radler”.


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