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Food Type: Mexican

Location: Mexico Pavilion inside the pyramid. La Hacienda de San Angel is the table service restaurant outside on the promenade and La Cantina de San Angel is the quick service arm, also outside.

Dining Plan: 1 Table Service.

Cost:  Lunch appetizers are $8-$13; Entrées: $19-$30. Kids: $9 – $10. Dinner appetizers: $8-$13; Entrées: $24 – $30; Kids: $9 – $10.

Setting: According to Disney, “San Angel Inn simmers with romance under perpetual twilight where Mayan ruins lend an ancient ambiance.” This is true, but tables are so close together that you won’t be more than six inches away from your neighbors. The restaurant is also the darkest on property, to the point where people with fine vision have trouble reading the menu without light from a smartphone. On the plus side, tables that line the railing enjoy more privacy, in addition to a fun view of the Gran Fiesta Tour boats floating by.

Discounts: 20% Tables in Wonderland; 10% Annual Passholder lunch Monday – Friday only; 10% Disney Vacation Club.


Lunch (11:30am – 4pm):

Dinner (4:30pm – 9pm):

Bar: Visit La Cava del Tequla inside the pyramid for an excellent margarita or tequila shot.


  • In ideal circumstances, the atmosphere from the tables overlooking the water can’t be beat.
  • Complimentary, freshly made chips and salsa.
  • Authentic menu: You’re not going to find burritos, chalupas, fried ice cream, or other “Mexican” favorites from chain restaurants. Instead, the menu focuses on grilled meats and seafood.
  • Several interesting meal choices for children, including cheese quesadillas, grilled chicken, and beef or chicken tacos.
  • It’s cool and dark, making it a pleasant retreat after a hot day in the sun.


  • Tables nearly on top of each other. Even when the restaurant is basically empty, guests are seated next to each other to aid staff.
  • Prices are high and staple Mexican food options are largely absent.

Tips: Request a table with a water-view at check-in.

Value: Average. This restaurant is expensive, especially for a type of food that is generally much cheaper.

Reputation: San Angel Inn used to have one of the worst reputations of any Walt Disney World restaurant. Luckily, it has improved immensely over the past few years. It’s hard to beat the atmosphere if you can score a prime seat, but there is better food ahead. Don’t be too put off by menu items that sound a little exotic. The flavors should be familiar.


  1. Dan Young says

    It used to pain me to try to enjoy the Tostitos chips and bland salsa. I’m glad that you’re now reporting that it’s greatly improved. Now if they would just get rid of about a third of the tables . . .

  2. TJ says

    I hear they are now asking you if you want guacamole with your chips, and failing to tell you it is an extra 5 bucks.

  3. Shane says

    Server – “Would you like chips & salsa? They are complimentary” Us – “Sure. Thank you.” The Server brings 3 chips & salsa at the same time.

    On the bill is a charge for 2 chips & salsa. Apparently 1 was complimentary, 2 were not. I just laughed to myself and told my brother-in-law they got us. We laughed… but I still remember it.

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