Planet Hollywood Review at Downtown Disney

Food Type: American

Location: West Side near the entrance to Fork & Dine at AMC Theater

Dining Plan: 1 Table Service

Cost: Appetizers:$9-$25.  Entrées: $14-$30. Kids entrees: $8.  Menu is the same all day.

Discounts: 20% Tables in Wonderland; 10% Annual Passholder; 10% Disney Vacation Club.


Lunch (11am – 4:55pm):

Dinner: (5pm – 1am):

Bar: Cramped, just inside the entrance.

Setting: Planet Hollywood is part of a (dwindling) chain of restaurants known for their movie memorabilia, slow service, and worse food.  The Orlando Planet Hollywood is no exception and features walls full of authentic movie stuff along with a neato “planetarium-like” ceiling.  It’s also conveniently attached to a Planet Hollywood gift shop with prices that eclipse even Disney’s.  No wonder Disney gives out a $15 coupon with every Magic Your Way package.  Compared to Planet Hollywood prices, that $27 diamond-encrusted Mickey car antennae topper is a bargain.


  • If you want to eat at a Planet Hollywood, your choices are getting slimmer and slimmer so this might be it.
  • The atmosphere is fun for a couple of minutes as you walk to your table and gaze at all the movie stuff.
  • It’s easy to get a reservation.
  • All Disney “Magic Your Way” packages come with a $15 coupon and it’s on the Dining Plan.


  • At one point, Planet Hollywood had 45 locations nationwide.  There are only eight locations remaining and they’re all located in tourist traps (not that Downtown Disney is a tourist trap, of course).  I guess that should tell you something.
  • If it doesn’t, let me just tell you that the food is below average, service is slow, and the music is turned up so loud it would drown out a space shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center 50 miles away.

Tips: Just don’t.

Value: Poor.  If you must eat here, stick to the sandwiches.  Even the ice cream isn’t good.  Seriously.

Reputation: I feel sort of bad trashing Planet Hollywood like this.  The truth is that any chain restaurant that has had to close nearly 100 locations worldwide and has gone bankrupt twice is just not worth visiting.  The food is poorly prepared and the service somehow remains snotty, which is odd considering the disposition of the franchise.  Maybe the staff feels like it’s a privilege to eat at Planet Hollywood because it’s like an endangered species?  I don’t know.  The bottom line is that you should dine somewhere else.  Anywhere else.

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