Nine Dragons Restaurant

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Nine Dragons dinner

Nine Dragons dinner 2

Food Type: Chinese

Location: China to the left of Lotus Blossom Cafe.

Dining Plan: 1 Table Service

Cost:  Lunch appetizers: $4 – $12; Entrees: $13 – $22; Kids: $8 – $10. Dinner appetizers: $4 – $12; Entrees: $13 – $27; Kids: $8 – $10.

Discounts: 20% Tables in Wonderland; 10% Annual Passholder lunch Monday – Friday only; 20% Disney Vacation Club lunch; 10% Disney Vacation Club dinner.


Lunch (12pm – 3:25pm):

Dinner (3:30pm – Park Close):

Setting: Featuring a beautiful glass mural of two dragons chasing a glowing pearl, rosewood wall panels, and Chinese lantern lighting, this is not your typical neighborhood Chinese dive.


  • Large and rarely fully booked, this is one of the easiest walk-ups in Epcot, particularly from 12pm – 6pm.
  • Menu offers familiar favorites like Kung Pao Chicken and Honey-Sesame Chicken along with traditional dishes like the Fragrant Five-Spiced Fish.
  • The atmosphere is relaxed and service is extraordinarily attentive.
  • Portions are huge – consider sharing an appetizer or two bowls of soup and an entree.
  • Kids’ Menu includes interesting items like Pot Stickers, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Ginger Ice Cream.
  • Cheaper than most table service restaurants.


  • Has difficulty striking a balance between traditional and Americanized Chinese food.
  • Open restaurant layout doesn’t provide much privacy.

Tips: A good dinner option for those on a budget. It’s worlds better than Lotus Blossom next door and portions are easily twice as big.

Value: Above average. Yes, it is probably more expensive than the restaurant down the street, but the food here is less expensive than any other restaurant for dinner and the quality is quite good.

Reputation: Nine Dragons doesn’t deserve the poor reputation that it doesn’t seem to be able to shake. Give it a try, particularly if you don’t want to commit to a reservation. Tables should be available with a short to nonexistent wait.

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