Zuri’s Sweet Shop

9/14/15 Update: Treat case pictures updated.

Zuri's Sweet Shop Harambe Market Animal Kingdom

Zuri’s Sweet Shop is attached to Mombassa Marketplace near Harambe Marketplace in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Its primary purpose is serving as the Main Street Confectionery of the Park, in addition to offering pre-packages snacks, other treats, and bottles of South African wines that are served by the glass throughout Animal Kingdom:

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/zuris_sweets_treat_case_2.jpg

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/zuris_sweets_treat_case_2.jpg

There are a number of cutesy treats like the hippo pop and monkey caramel apple as this location is basically your Main Street Confectionery at AK. I’m not sure if it’s the humidity or what, but I’ve never seen the case when it wasn’t difficult to see what was inside.

A few more items:

Flame Tree Barbecue Sauce Sale

Flame Tree Barbecue’s sauces and rubs are available for purchase to take home.

Interestingly, this is basically just caramel corn.

Spice spoons.

Animal Kingdom Bottles Wine South Africa

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/zuriwine.jpg

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/zurisweets.jpg

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/zurisweets2.jpg

At $17.95 a pound, it makes a lot more sense to load up on dried apricots than Hershey’s chocolate chips.

One last look. You can also get to Zuri’s from Mombasa Marketplace, which is the large store across from Tusker House and Kusafiri.

I picked up a bottle of the Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc and Rust En Vrede Cabernet, both of which were available by the glass at Harambe Market. The Mulderbosch was about $5 overpriced compared to Total Wine ($21.95), but the cabernet was a good value at $27.95 and isn’t going to be easy to find elsewhere.


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