Yorkshire County Fish Shop

9/15/15 Update: Menu updated.

Yorkshire Fish Epcot United Kingdom

Location: Yorkshire is located in the United Kingdom Pavilion to the right of Rose and Crown Pub.

Food Type: Fish and Chips.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and a couple items count as snack credits. Because there’s no dedicated Kids Menu, Kids can easily order the full adult entree on the Dining Plan.


Menu Yorkshire Fish Epcot United Kingdom World Showcase

Unique Items: The Fish and Chips are uniquely better than what’s served elsewhere. The Victoria Sponge Cake is also unique.


  • Usually short lines and waits.
  • The Fish and Chips here are the best you’ll find in a Disney theme park.
  • Assuming you can find a table near the water, the area is beautiful.
  • Since it doesn’t have a dedicated Kids’ Picks menu, it’s easier to order the kids an adult entree on the Dining Plan.


  • Limited, outdoor seating.
  • Only one entree and dessert.

Value: High. Pricing is in line with other quick service entrees. The chips are thicker and meatier than your typical Disney fry.

Reputation: High. A favorite of many.

Food Choices:

Fish and Chips:

Fish Chips Epcot Yorkshire Epcot United Kingdom

Fish is served hot. The breading is thin and crispy and the fish moist and flavorful. My only complaint is those Heinz Tartar Sauce packets are impossible to open, especially after picking a piece of fish up.

Epcot United Kingdom Yorkshire Fish Chips

This is from a year ago when the fish was smaller than it is now, but you can sort of see the thick cut chips underneath. This is one of my favorite meals on property.

Victoria Sponge Cake:

Epcot Yorkshire Victoria Sponge Cake

A word of advice – $4.19 is usually the quick service dessert price you want to avoid, particularly out of pocket. All of Disney’s pre-made cakes, cookies, and such come in at this price point and they are nearly universally small and disappointing.

Victoria Spong Cake Epcot Uk United Pavilion

The buttercream and jam flavors here aren’t terrible, but they’re not great either and you’re spending about a buck a bite for what is basically a Pillsbury Cake Cup. The yellow cake is nice and fluffy, but this is cake-mix-quality and should only be ordered if you need to attach a dessert on the Dining Plan.


Yorkshire Fish has a very limited number of tables attached to it.  You’ll find additional seating further down to the left, past Rose & Crown as you walk toward Canada.  It looks like these tables are part of Rose & Crown, but they are actually for Yorkshire Fish (or any other quick service). There are also a couple of tables in front of Rose & Crown and benches nearby.

Epcot United Kingdom UK Seatting Yorkshire Pub

Seating to the right of where you order.

Epcot Outdoor seating Rose Crown Yorkshite

There are also less popular tables to the left because people assume it’s seating for Rose & Crown.


A couple of tables in front of Rose & Crown.


Yorkshire Fish offers ketchup, tartar sauce, malt vinegar, mustard, and mayonnaise packets along with your usual assortment of items.

Yorkshire Epcot Condiments Tartar Sauce Malt Vinegar


  1. billyp says

    One of our favorite and must eat places…We love getting a table right in front of Rose a crown…Eating a people watching….cant beat it

  2. Pod says

    Excellent! I had picked out this eatery for our first quick stop at WDW before hitting the parks the evening we arrive- looks like it’ll be perfect. Thanks for the thorough write-up.

  3. Mark says

    If you like fish and chips, you will like this place! Lines can be long when the place first opens. We normally eat in the “garden” area where the band plays. No tables but plenty of benchs (unless the band is playing).

  4. says

    We ate here on our recent trip and loved it! If you’re on the dining plan, they offer you the cookie or chips as your “dessert”. We split a couple cookies and got chips for the other meals and took them as snacks for later. That worked out great!

  5. Figaro says

    In the winter the chips are a good snack before Illuminations but not so much in the daytime summer Florida sun. Chips are not served in newsprint in the UK and haven’t been for decades, nice touch though Disney.


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