Upcountry Beverages Magaritas and Cocktails

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated.

Upcountry Beverages Margaritas

Location: Upcountry Beverages is located along the back pathway that connects Asia and Africa near the entrance to Flights of Wonder.

Food Type: Frozen beverages (some alcoholic), beer, and snacks.

Dining Plan: Some items quality as snacks.

Discounts: None.


Menu Upcountry Beverages Margaritas

Note that it stipulates the drinks are available without the tumbler on the menu on the right. Most people see the $15.25 price and assume they have to order their drink with the tumbler.

Animal Kingdom Margaritas Menu Asia

Something it doesn’t mention above.

Unique Items: The Frozen Drinks are somewhat unique, though Disney sells similar concoctions at the other theme parks not named Magic Kingdom.


  • Quick ordering.
  • Tasty drinks. There’s definitely some alcohol in the margaritas. These aren’t the ones where you get a half ounce of liquor underneath a non-alcoholic Icee.


  • Not cheap.
  • No dedicated seating.

Value: Average. This is a standard Disney beverage kiosk.

Reputation: Those that have purchased drinks seem to enjoy them, but the off-the-path location makes the kiosk significantly less popular than other similar kiosks at Parks like Epcot.


Animal Kingdom margaritas

A half Bali Hai Strawberry/Maharajah Lime Margarita on the left and the Maharajah Lime Margarita on the right (should memory serve).  These were both pretty good for what they are – very cold, very refreshing, and moderately boozy. You’re familiar with these if you’ve ever had a frozen Margarita at the Mexico Pavilion or anywhere else for that matter, you slobbery drunk.  I wouldn’t hesitate to order another when temperatures really start to get up there.  They’re a nice choice if it’s what you’re looking for.

Seating: There are tables and chairs overlooking the Tree of Life and Discovery Island on the other side of the street.


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