Toy Story Pizza Planet

8/26/15 Update: Menu updated.

Toy Story Pizza Planet is located on the Streets of America across from the Muppet Store and Muppet Vision 3D. You’ll see it as you pass Star Tours and Tatooine Traders on the left.

Food Type: Pizza and Salads.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and a couple items count as snacks.



  • Upstairs, air-conditioned seating is usually plentiful and outdoor tables are also available.
  • Lines usually move quickly.
  • Pizzas are usually served hot.
  • Order without the Side Caesar to save $2 or you can substitute the Salad for Bagged Chips.
  • The arcade downstairs can be fun for kids if you’re prepared to shell out extra cash.


  • Pizza Planet doesn’t look anything like the restaurant from the movie.
  • Seating downstairs is scarce and loud. Outdoor seating is only covered by umbrellas and there isn’t a lot of it.
  • Disney Pizza is not outstanding. Expect Digiorno quality with a lot of bread and a few toppings.
  • Limited menu.
  • May close two or more hours before official Park close.

Value: Below Average to Average. Disney pizza pricing is par for the course with similar quality and pricing at other similar outlets, including most resort quick services.

Reputation: Average. You either like Disney pizza or you don’t. For a theme park or other entertainment venue, I think it’s well above average. Many find Pizza Planet loud and the atmosphere disappointing compared to what it looks like in the movie. Sit outside if temperatures are tolerable or head upstairs for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Food Choices:

Pepperoni Pizza:

I like Disney pizza just fine and consider it to be a good value compared to what else is available, particularly at Hollywood Studios, where choices aren’t always great. Pizzas are usually fresh and served hot and the Caesar Salad is a nice addition. These aren’t going to win any awards, but they’re fast and easy.

Vegetarian Pizza:

I did not have high expectations, but I deemed it pretty good.  The vegetables present were finely chopped and added a little crunch to the pizza.

The side salad is best skipped.  You’ll save $2.  This was drenched in bottled Caesar dressing, making the lettuce limp.

Meatball Sub:

This tasted okay. I’m sure the meatballs are made with 70% lean ground beef, making it high in fat. There wasn’t a ton of flavor, but the meatballs were quite soft and easy to eat. The melted provolone cheese didn’t seem to add much flavor either, making for an ultimately forgettable sandwich. It was quite filling and nothing about it was offensive, but it’s going to be a pretty heavy meal and I didn’t find it to be flavorful.

Antipasto Salad:

This was actually pretty good. While it might look skimpy on the salami, there were four or five pieces stuck together in each clump, in addition to the pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella.  There were not a lot of olives, which was fine with me because I don’t really like them, but I’m not sure you should order expecting to see some chunky full size olives mixed in.  It’s just a couple very small pieces.

It was a nice, potentially lighter option. I’m not sure what the fat content would be from the pepperoni/salami, but the dressing isn’t going to add a lot of calories.


Toy Story Pizza Planet has a limited number of air-conditioned tables downstairs in the arcade section, air-conditioned upper-level seating, and outdoor patio seating.

Upstairs is usually less crowded, but will still be full if it’s busy. There are also a few standing-room-only tables outside.

These are some of the outdoor tables.  The umbrellas over some of the tables help a bit, but it’s still scorching hot out here most of the year.  Some of the tables don’t even have an umbrella.  Additional tables are pictured in the first image.


  1. Ondina says

    This was one of our better meals for a family lunch at HS in August. We should have come here twice instead of getting measly turkey sandwiches at Fairfax Fare. I thought the pizza was decent, amount of food good for the price, and atmosphere was tolerable. We ducked in right before a rainstorm and sat upstairs. Also, you CANNOT miss the cappuccino cupcake, delicious!

  2. Tricia says

    We were there last December and decided to eat here since we’re both big Toy Story fans. I had the veggy pizza and my boyfriend had the pepperoni. I’m not sure if they messed up our order or what, but it was a good 10 minutes before our food was ready. We sat downstairs and enjoyed the decor as well as the games. There were a lot of people playing the arcade games, which surprised me considering their cost! We did not partake.
    The pizza was hot when it came out, and I agree with Ondina- the cappuccino cupcake was amazing!

    I’m not sure we’d eat here again, but I am glad we experienced it.

  3. LesliePR says

    no, Emmy, no claw game to get aliens, just the normal stuffed animals! My son commented on that! BTW, he got the meatball sub (it was HUGE), my hubby got the meat lovers pizza and i got the antipasto salad. HUGE amounts of meat, i ended up passing half of it onto my hubby’s pizza! too much italian dressing, next time i would ask for dressing on the side. That’s one thing I would do different next time i go, see if i can get dressing on the side for all the salads!


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