Tower of Terror Coffee, Espresso, and Pastries

8/26/15 Update: Menu updated.

Tower of Terror Coffee is located right outside the exit to Tower of Terror, which also doubles as the attraction’s gift shop.

Like several other similar looking stands at the Transportation and Ticket Center, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, this is a Joffrey’s location that serves Joffrey’s coffees. Some may prefer it to Starbucks or find one of the locations more convenient. Unfortunately, only one item qualifies as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan, compared to all snacks and drinks at Starbucks.

Along with an assortment of donuts, cookies, muffins, and treats.

While expensive, the Frozen Cappuccinos are a great way to get a lot of caffeine and sugar in your body quickly.  They’re also served nice and cold.  Expensive, but recommended.


  1. Ondina says

    My daughter had a cinnamon roll from here when she had to wait outside RNR with Dad cause she was half an inch too short to go on the ride :(

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