Tortuga Tavern

12/1/15 Update: Menu updated to reflect the change to barbecue food instead of burritos and rice bowls. Burritos etc. can now be found next door at Pecos Bill.

Tortuga Tavern Magic Kingdom

Location: Across from the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland.

Food Type: Barbecue.

Dining Plan: One Quick Service credit and some items count as snacks.


Unique Items: All items are served on Texas toast, which is unique. The barbecue chicken and brisket aren’t available elsewhere and the salad is unique.


  • Relatively unique food.
  • There’s usually plenty of seating.
  • Convenient location to Main Street, Adventureland, and Frontierland.


  • It operates “seasonally,” which means it may not be open at all when crowds are lower. When it does operate, it’s almost always just from 11am – 3pm, so dinner isn’t an option.
  • Prices are high for the quality.
  • Not a particularly unique space.

Value: Below average. Prices are high considering the portion and quality and the location isn’t really anything to write home about, though you do have the opportunity to watch the people walking through Adventureland across from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Reputation: It doesn’t have much of one since it’s rarely open and just changed to a barbecue menu in September of 2015. Overall reviews are mixed and you can likely do better next door at Pecos Bill.


Tortuga Tavern usually has plentiful seating in several rooms. Tables on the patio have a view of Pirates of the Caribbean and the Adventureland promenade, while indoor tables are darker and cooler. You may also take your food to nearby Pecos Bill, which is located further up in Frontierland.

Tortuga Tavern Seating Indoor

Covered seating inside is also available.


  1. keri says

    One note on the seating is that the inner area near the restrooms/toppings bar is ALSO a portal for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game. This may or may not be a big deal, but if you don’t care to hear it over and over again while you eat, or if you’re trying to keep your kids away from it, you might want to be aware. (I’ve spoken to a few families who were frustrated that their kids were so fascinated by it that it was making actually doing things difficult, especially since for most of these families, it was their first trip to WDW.)

  2. shalom says

    Heh. I’m pretty sure they hand out the sour cream because it would be more of a health hazard sitting out (cheese keeps better). But now I keep trying to figure out why sour cream would be more of a problem in a food fight than the weapons already at hand there.

    That gelato looks great, but I’m thinking won’t be available (or as tempting!) when we go in January. :p

  3. Jean says

    Is this the only place that offers the cookies & cream gelato? I don’t like chocolate and the sugar-free mango doesn’t sound appealing…..

  4. Scott says

    I had a great burrito lunch here in November. Partially due to the fact that I was extremely hungry from a light breakfast and a late lunch (darned crowds ;-). I went back to the fixings bar and piled my plate with lettuce tomato and cheese for a descent salad.

  5. says

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