Wolfgang Puck Express Quick Service Review at Downtown Disney

Wondering how Wolfgang Puck Express stacks up against the other Downtown Disney Counter Service Locations? Check out The Best Downtown Disney Quick Counter Service Locations for a comparison of the three Downtown Disney counter services in a variety of categories including Most Unique Menu, Best Value on the Disney Dining Plan, Best Value Out of Pocket, Best Seating, Best Food, and Best Overall Counter Service.

There are actually two Wolfgang Puck Express restaurants at Downtown Disney – one in the “West Side” and one in the “Marketplace.”  The Marketplace location has more seating and is generally more popular.  Don’t get those two confused with the Wolfgang Puck Café, which is a table service restaurant on the Dining Plan or the restaurant above it called the “The Dining Room” which is even fancier and not on the Dining Plan.

Food Type: A wide variety of pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salad, pasta, and chicken dishes.  Breakfast is also served from 9am-11am.

Dining Plan: One Quick Service or One Snack

Cost: Entrées in the $10-$17 range.

Unique Items: Everything.  You order the food at the counter and a waiter will bring it out to you at your table and take care of drink refills and whatever else you might need.  Wolfgang’s is the only counter service to offer that.  It’s still considered a quick service meal on the Dining Plan.

Advantages: The only counter service with a waiter.  Food is among the best of any quick service meal at Disney.  Outstanding value on the Dining Plan.  Large portions, wide variety of options, and fresh thoughtful preparation.  Frozen yogurt for dessert is delicious and a lighter way to end a large meal.  There are two locations at Downtown Disney.

Disadvantages: Often crowded.  The BBQ chicken quesadilla and foccacia bread sandwiches have been removed from the menu.  It can get expensive if paying out of pocket.

Value: Above average to better than excellent.  Most of the food at Wolfgang Puck Express exceeds the quality and freshness of many of the sit-down restaurants at the Disney Parks.  Although the prices reflect the quality, the portions are large and the food is served by a waiter.  This is the most expensive meal you can put together for one quick service credit on the Dining Plan, at around $25.

Reputation:  Wolfgang Puck Express is regarded as one of the best quick service meal at Disney World.  The food is consistently high quality, well prepared, and portions are large.  If you’re on the Dining Plan in Downtown Disney then this should be a no-brainer, especially considering few of the Downtown Disney sit-down restaurants accept the Dining Plan.  Off the Dining Plan, I would suggest the Earl of Sandwich if money is tight; otherwise, Wolfgang is an excellent choice.  Unfortunately, Wolfgang Puck no longer owns the restaurant that bears his name and the company that bought it has recently changed the menu a bit.  At this time that change hasn’t affected the quality, but I will keep an eye on it.

Overall Rank on The Best Downtown Disney Quick Counter Service Locations: 2nd out of 3


  1. Terri in So Cal says

    This is a great choice for a CS, especially if you are on one of the DDP. First time we ate here we did after taking a break from Disney Quest (West Side). We didn’t even make it over to the Marketplace one. We have now eaten at both and both are very good, in our opinion. Sometimes they can get busy but if you eat at slightly off times you’ll have a better chance of finding a seat. The MP location can run out of desserts pretty early. I will usually ask before ordering what desserts they have left. If it’s only frozen yogurt I move on and save it for another day. Love the Creme Brulee!

    It’s even pleasant to eat outside at the MP one when it’s raining-as long as it’s not windy.

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