9/15/15 Update: Menu updated.

Sommerfest Epcot Germany Pavilion

Location: Sommerfest is located in the Germany Pavilion.

Food Type: German.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and some items count as snacks.  No Kids’ Picks so kids can easily order an adult entree on the Dining Plan.


Menu Sommerfest Epcot Germany

Unique Items: Most items.


  • Among the most inexpensive entree choices on property. Add a Pretzel and you have a ton of food for the same price as a lot of regular adult entrees.
  • Frankfurters and Bratwurst are higher quality than your typical Disney Hot Dog and only cost about $1 more.


  • Very little , mostly outdoor seating. It’s quite possible there will be nowhere to sit.
  • Menu items may not be accessible to all palates.

Value: Above average. For about $1 more than the standard Disney Dog, you can get a much more interesting Frankfurter or Bratwurst with a roll and sauerkraut.

Reputation: Those that dine here tend to enjoy it.

Food Choices:

Bratwurst and “authentic hand-twisted pretzel:”

Epcot Summerfest Bratwurst Review

These pretzels are the best at Disney World (and huge) and the bratwurst is one of the cheaper entrees available in any of the Parks.  Pretzel quality can be lower if they’ve been sitting for a while.  Ask for a fresh one.  Don’t discount Sommerfest just because you don’t “like” sauerkraut.  First of all, they’re happy to serve it without sauerkraut.  Second, it’s a mild sauerkraut.  For example, I don’t like sauerkraut.  Even the thought of sauerkraut makes me a little nauseated.  But I like Sommerfest’s sauerkraut.  Maybe that means I like sauerkraut, I don’t know.  Anyway, this is the only place I’ll eat it.  For the slightly less adventurous, the frankfurter is basically a hot dog.  If you’d like to eat here and you’re uncertain whether junior will oblige you, you might just sit him down away from the menu and tell him that you’ll bring him a hot dog.  I also like the fact that on the Disney Dining Plan you can order the pretzel as your “dessert.”  And because there’s no “kid’s menu,” you’ll have no problem ordering the kids the full-size entree.  Overall, I really enjoy Sommerfest and it’s an excellent choice for a quick, relatively inexpensive meal.

Currywurst and Nudel Gratin:

Sommerfest Epcot Currywurst Review

On the right is the Currywurst – Pan-seared fine Brat with Curry Ketchup, Curry Seasoning, and House-made Paprika Chips (removed from the menu in August 2015). On the left is the Nudel Gratin.


Paprika Chips Epcot Germany Sommerfest

Perhaps I am not a paprika person, but I didn’t care much for their chips. They were basically the standard Disney chip with a dusting of paprika. On the plus side, the dish was filling, yet “felt” light in my tummy. It was not the gut bomb that I’m sure that Electric Umbrella hamburger is.

Nudel Gratin Epcot Germany Sommerfest

The Nudel Gratin was better.

Epcot Sommerfest Review Nudel Gratin

Half eaten for your viewing pleasure. This is a baked macaroni/heavy cream/cheese/egg hunk that should be similar/the same as what’s served at Biergarten.  It was not as creamy and rich as I was expecting, which might be a good thing. It otherwise tastes like baked macaroni and cheese. For about treefiddy, you could certainly do worse.

Cold Potato Salad

Sommerfest Epcot Cold Potato Salad

It tasted pretty pedestrian – heavy on the mayo with red potatoes and chopped green onion.  I’m not sure there’s anything particularly German about it.  Anyway, it would be a decent side if you’re looking for something to add to the Bratwurst/Frankfurter, but it’s far from anything special.  At least it’s not french fries.

Sommerfest Seating Germany Epcot

Sommerfest has a limited number of covered tables near the cash registers as pictured in the first image above.  It’s not a particularly popular place, so the number of tables is usually adequate


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