Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

9/5/15 Update: Menu updated.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments Magic Kingdom

Location: In Liberty Square to the right of Hall of Presidents. If you’re walking from The Hub into Liberty Square, you’ll see it on your right before arriving at the rest of the Land.

Food Type: Waffle Sandwiches, Ice Cream, Treats, Beverages.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and some items count as snacks.


Menu Sleepy Hollow Refreshments Magic Kingdom
Menu Ham Cheese Omelet Waffle Sandwich Magic Kingdom Disney World

(Omelet Waffle available through 11am)

Unique Offerings: The Waffle Sandwiches are only available here.


  • The Waffle Sandwiches are a lot of food for the money.
  • Waffles are prepared fresh while you wait.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches are gigantic and Sleepy Hollow offers seasonal ice cream flavors.


  • Waits for the Waffles can be long since they can only make so many at a time. Expect to wait five to ten minutes for your Waffle Sandwich. Waffle Sandwiches aren’t available after 5pm, so they aren’t an option for dinner.

Value: There are some good uses of a snack credit here and the Waffle Sandwiches are a good value for the money. Most of the items are standard Disney pricing, but value here is average to above average.

Reputation: Very good. The waffle sandwiches are extremely popular with those in the know and Sleepy tends to do a better job than other kiosks with funnel cakes and waffles.

Food Choices:

Sweet and Spicy Chicken:

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich uses a thinner waffle now that cuts down on the malty sweetness and allows some of the spiciness of the chicken to become more pronounced. It’s still a “2 or 3 out of 10” on the spicy scale, if that, but the flavors are more interesting and the slaw and arugula add some crunch to the soft exterior of the waffle. Overall, very good if you’re looking for a very hefty snack that is probably best shared if you have plans to eat anything else in the next couple of hours.

Ham, Prosciutto, and Swiss:

Ham Prosciutto Swiss Waffle Sandwich Disney World

A sad cell phone shot of the other entree sandwich, which doesn’t work quite as well as the hot chicken sandwich. The main problem is the hot waffle warms up the cold sandwich toppings and they both cool quickly together shortly after the sandwich is served. It’s still a little different than most of what else is out there and a hefty amount of food for the money, but the flavors from the fillings don’t shine through as well.

Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle:

Nutella Fresh Fruit Waffle Review Sleepy Hollow Disney World

My personal favorite of the bunch, hopefully the strawberries and blueberries balance out all the fat and calories in the Nutella and waffle. But either, this tastes like how you would expect it to with the fruit adding some natural sweetness to the rest of the waffle. Very good and easily shareable.

Ham and Cheese Omelet Waffle Sandwich:

Breakfast Omelet Sandwich Sleepy Hollow Magic Kingdom

These are actually really good, particularly if you like tomatoes as there are two thick slices on top along with some prosciutto and an egg pocket omelet thing. The waffle again dominates, but it is a breakfast food after all!

Presidential Sweet:

Presidential Sweet Sleepy Hollow Ice Cream Disney

This is nearly identical to the delicious American Dream at Fife and Drum Tavern at Epcot, only bigger. Refreshing and delicious, this may be my favorite snack at Magic Kingdom.


Seating Magic Kingdom Sleepy Hollow Liberty Square

Sleepy Hollow has seating that lines a wall overlooking Cinderella Castle and the Hub and covered seating to the side of the building.

If you time your snack or meal during a Dream Along with Mickey show in front of Cinderella Castle,


  1. Angela says

    I got the nutella and strawberry waffle at night when we were there in February 2013. Not sure if that has changed since then but I will find out next month! It was an awesome combination.

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