Royal Anandapur Tea Company

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated and items added.

Location: Royal Anandapur Tea Company is located directly across from Yak & Yeti in Asia, which is also near Kali River Rapids.

Food Type: This is another of the Joffrey’s kiosks that serves coffee products and pastries among a few other items.  This particular establishment specializes in tea.

Dining Plan: Few items are snack credits.


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menu speciality coffee anandapur joffreys animal kingdom
menu animal kingdom joffreys tea
menu joffreys signature beverages animal kingdom
menu joffreys signature beverages animal kingdom

Unique items: Many of the teas are unique, but the items on the regular menu are available at the other Joffrey’s locations, including the kiosk outside the main entrance and just after you cross the bridge into Discovery Island. You may have also seen them outside Epcot, across from Tower of Terror’s exit, and at the Transportation and Ticket Center.


  • Lines are almost always extremely short because it’s nestled away behind shrubs.
  • The frozen drinks are particularly refreshing on a hot day.
  • The specialty teas are often overlooked, though you’d have a tough time selling me a hot tea in July. The iced teas are unique and high quality.
  • If you’re in the back of the Park near Everest or Kali River Rapids, it’s convenient.


  • Prices are on the high side and guests on the Disney Dining Plan are limited in what they can order for a snack credit.

Value: Pricing is in line with the rest of Disney property, including the other Joffrey’s stands. The $6 Frozen Drink pricing is a bit tough to stomach, but it’s “only” about $2 more than reasonable.

Reputation: Starbucks is usually the go-to coffee place after it opened in June 2015, but Joffrey’s is a little different for those that want a little less corporate America in their Walt Disney World® stay.


Joffrey's Iced Cappuccino
Animal Kingdom Iced Cappuccino

An example of the Frozen Cappuccino. Florida is virtually always too hot for coffee or hot tea as far as I’m concerned. This tastes great and is incredibly refreshing in the heat, particularly with the caffeine/sugar bump. It’s easy to drink and there’s quite a bit of it.

Frozen Chai:

Joffrey's Frozen Chai

Feeling somewhat delirious after running around Disney theme parks nonstop for six hours, I knew it was time to stop and get something ice cold to drink when I hallucinated the monorail traveling through Animal Kingdom.

Royal Anadapur Frozen Chai

While expensive, these frozen drinks really hit the spot when it’s hot out. Unlike the standard Disney frozen beverage, these are easy to drink with small ice crystals mixed in with the tea rather than that blended ice/syrup combo that’s prevalent in Disney’s own artificially flavored frozen beverages. Highly recommended, though I think I prefer the Frozen Cappuccino for the extra caffeine kick.

Green Honey Ginseng Iced Tea:

This had a subtler flavor than most of the other beverages you’ll run into around the Parks.  I was expecting a little more sweetness from the honey to show through, but it wasn’t there.  It was refreshing, but a cup of water would have a similar effect.


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