Rosie’s All American Cafe

8/26/15 Update: Menu updated.

Rose's All American Cafe Hollywood Studios Disney World

Rosie’s All American Cafe is part of Sunset Ranch Market on Sunset Boulevard. You’ll find it across from the entrance to Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic near the back of the area before you arrive at Tower of Terror.

Menu Rosie's All American Cafe Hollywood Studios

It offers your usual Disney hamburgers and nuggets along with the Onion Straw Cheddar Cheeseburger and a very unique vegetarian item in the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich:

Rosie's All American Cafe Onion Straw Hamburger Disney World
Onion Straw Hamburger Hollywood Studios Rosie's Cafe

This was actually a decent hamburger with most everything that is good in this world, minus perhaps bacon and beer. The pickle and onion straws are what helps carry it, along with a thick slice of fresh tomato and cheddar cheese. It’s one of the better burgers in the Park and a little different than your standard Angus for just about a dollar more.


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