Raglan Road Irish Pub Dining Review at Downtown Disney

Food Type: Irish

Location: The former Pleasure Island near Portobello and Fulton’s.

Dining Plan: 1 Table Service

Cost: For lunch, appetizers are $6-15; entrées are $10-$25  Dinner appetizers are $6-$27 and entrées are $15-$29. Kids entrees are $8 – $14.

Discounts: 20% Tables in Wonderland; 10% Disney Vacation Club.


Lunch (11am – 2:45pm): https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/downtown-disney/raglan-road-irish-pub-and-restaurant/menus/lunch/

Dinner (3pm – 11pm): https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/downtown-disney/raglan-road-irish-pub-and-restaurant/menus/dinner/

Late Night (11pm – 1am): https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/downtown-disney/raglan-road-irish-pub-and-restaurant/menus/late-night-dining/

Sunday Brunch (11am – 4pm Sundays): http://www.raglanroad.com/the-rollicking-raglan-sunday-brunch

Drinks: http://www.raglanroad.com/stuff-yourself/drinks-menu

Kids: http://www.raglanroad.com/stuff-yourself/kids-menu

Bar: Two inside, the smaller Hole in the Wall outside, and the larger Tonsil Tickler, also outside. It’s easiest to score a seat at Tonsil Tickler, but it doesn’t offer the 3pm – 6pm happy hour like Hole in Wall does, where draught beer, house wines, and house liquors are discounted $2. The dancers occassionally come out to perform a jig, but the entertainment is usually better inside, unless there’s a special event. The smart money is on one of the bars inside, but seats are difficult to impossible to score most evenings after 6pm. Post up early or make a reservation in the restaurant.

Setting: Orlando’s iteration is a replica of the original Raglan Road Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Each of the four bars, in addition to all of the custom fixtures, were built in Ireland and assembled at the restaurant. The dark woods and dimmed lighting provide an intimate atmosphere, despite the nontraditional size of the expansive restaurant.


  • Unique, lively entertainment that doesn’t intrude on conversations.
  • Diverse drink menu with several interesting beers by the bottle and on tap.
  • Intriguing menu that is different and familiar at the same time.
  • Lunch entrées are moderately priced and a great opportunity to check the restaurant out.
  • Award-winning kids’ menu includes several unique entrées instead of the usual chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.
  • Celebrity chef Kevin Dundon, one of the most charming men in the world, is behind the menu.


  • Beer, in particular, is expensive. We are talking $10 for a 12-ounce bottle of Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Terrapin Hopsecutioner and import drafts like Guinness Irish Stout and Smithwicks Irish Ale, at $7 each, are perhaps a little more reasonable. Appetizers are also expensive considering portion size.
  • Bar seating in the evening is limited.
  • Restaurant may be a bit too boisterous for families with kids, particularly on weekend evenings. Eat early to avoid potentially crude language.

Tips: Visit Hole in the Wall outside from 3pm to 6pm for happy hour. The restaurant only releases some of its availability to Disney. Visit Open Table if Disney doesn’t have a time that works. Request a table with a view of the main stage if you’d like to enjoy the live entertainment. On the other hand, request a more private table in one of the nooks and crannies for a more intimate experience.

Value: Above average.  Raglan Road is priced well considering the quality of the food, attention of the staff, and engaging entertainment.  Lunch doesn’t typically cost much more than quick service entrees and the service and food are just as good as dinner.  Portions aren’t huge, but should be plenty to satisfy the hungry.  If somehow you still have room, order the bread pudding. Bottle beer pricing is rough – consider a draft or cocktail.

Reputation: Raglan Road is consistently one of the best reviewed restaurants on property. Consider sticking to mixed drinks and entrees to maximize value.


  1. Terri (in So. Cal. and wishing I was in WDW!) says

    One of my favorite TS at WDW. Love the It’s Not Bleedin’ Chowder! and Ger’s Bread and Butter Puddings (with the sauce!) is one of my favorite desserts in WDW. We haven’t eatern here the last few trips but only because we were on the QSDP and didn’t want to pay OOP.

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