Norway Beer Stand

6/1/15 Update: Menu updated and items added.

Norway Epcot Beer Aquavit Stand

The Norway Beer Stand is located in Norway just before you arrive at the rest of the Pavilion on the left side if you’re walking from Mexico. From China, it’s located on the right once you pass most of the Pavilion.

Menu Epcot Norway Beer Aquavit

Neither Carlsberg or Einstok Icelandic White are exactly Norwegian in origin, but the Einstok is very good and one of the more unique beers available on draft available World Showcase.

One of very few places offering Einstok on draft.

Epcot Norway Aquavit Review

$9.50 buys you about an ounce of Linie Aquavit, which is a licorice-flavored liquor that travels around the world in cask barrels to give it its unique flavor. It’s expensive, but not something most people have an opportunity to try otherwise. The gift shop does sell bottles for about $40 in case you want to bring one home (or back to the resort).

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