Katsura Grill

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated.

Katsura Grill Epcot

Location: In the Japan Pavilion on the left across from the Mitsukoshi Department Store and entrances to Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo.

Food Type: Japanese – Sushi, Teriyaki, Soup, Salads, etc.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and some items count as snacks.


Katsura Grill Outdoor Menu

This is the menu posted outside the quick service. Note that the prices for the teriyaki combinations include beverage and ice cream. A la carte options are noted on the menu inside:

Menu Katusra Grill Sushi Udon
Menu Teriyaki Epcot Katsura Grill
Katsura Grill Dessert Dining Plan

Unique Items: Most are either unique or only served in the Japan Pavilion.


  • Air-conditioned indoor seating and peaceful, outdoor seating in the garden.
  • Service is among the friendliest you’ll find at Walt Disney World. Orders are usually ready quickly.
  • With $13 Combo Meals, you can find good value on the Disney Dining Plan.
  • Extensive menu.


  • Sushi is grocery story quality and teriyaki items are often fatty with a sauce that may be too sweet.
  • “Picky” eaters may not find something they’re interested in.

Value: Below average to average. Portions are on the small side and prices equal to or higher than most other quick services.

Reputation: Better than this review would insinuate. A lot of people enjoy Katsura Grill and its predecessor, Yakitori House.  I like several of the items that aren’t drenched in teriyaki sauce.

Food Choices:

Tonosama Combo:

Tonosama Combo Katsura Grill
Katsura Grill Teriyaki Salmon

The Tonosama comes with teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, teriyaki salmon, steamed vegetables, and rice. There’s only a couple of pieces of chicken that are each drenched in an unremarkable, sweet teriyaki sauce. The sukiyaki-style beef tends to be fatty with an unpleasant chew. The salmon tends to be a little better, though I’m not sure how popular it is on its own. Chances are your local teriyaki place does it better and for less money, so there isn’t much of a point in visiting.

Shogun Combo:

Shogun Combo Epcot Katsura Grill

This is very similar to the Tonosama only with more beef and chicken in place of the salmon.

Spicy Roll:

Epcot Spicy Tuna Sushi Katsura Grill

This is the same sushi that you’ll find prepackaged virtually everywhere on property, including the resort quick service locations, Sunshine Seasons, and wherever else. It’s probably similar quality to your local grocery store, which makes it inferior to Kona Cafe Sushi Bar and (obviously) California Grill. But of course, it’s also less expensive. I wouldn’t go out of my way to order it, but it’s perfectly decent.

Chicken Cutlet Curry:

Katsura Grill Chicken Cutlet Curry

The Chicken Cutlet Curry may look less appetizing than it tasted.  It’s a brown curry with carrots over fried chicken and white rice.  This was served piping hot and is quite a bit of food – a heartier dish than the sushi or teriyaki combo meals. It was spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. The coating on the chicken was thick and crunchy rather than light and crispy – not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed this one quite a bit and would order it again before the sushi or teriyaki options.

Tempura Shrimp Udon:

Shrimp Udon Katsura Grill Review

An intrinsic problem with this dish is that the crunchy tempura shrimp are rendered immediately soggy in the soup. And while the bowls feature an attractive look, they aren’t insulated at all, which means your soup will cool off quickly. Otherwise, this is what you would expect from udon soup – a very salty clear broth and long, thick wheat flour noodles served with two fairly large shrimp. It’s not a particularly filling meal, but it’s potentially nice on a cool winter day. The beef might be a wiser protein.


Edamame Epcot Japan Pavilion

It’s the same as what’s served at Kabuki Cafe and a decent portion for four dollars.

Kids’ Teriyaki Chicken:

Epcot Teriyaki Kids

The $7.50 Kids’ Meal, served here with extra rice in place of vegetables, may also be a good choice for adults looking for a smaller meal.

Iced Green Tea:

I noticed the Iced Green Tea was the same price as a standard soft drink and went ahead and ordered one. The cast member working the register will warn you that it’s served unsweetened. The tea arrived with virtually no flavor to speak of – it could have just as easily been green water. A sugar packet or two might have spiced things up.


Seating Katsura Grill

The pleasant surroundings outside. With the 90+ degree temperatures in the summer, outdoor seating isn’t particularly popular.  There are a few tables inside, making it one of the few air-conditioned seating areas in World Showcase.  A limited number of tables are also available inside.


  1. Mark says

    One of our favorites but haven’t been there since the switch from the Yakitori House. Hope this is just a name change. Love eating in the outdoor patio are. Very nice!!

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