Japan Sake Bar

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated and items added.

Japan Epcot Sake Bar

The Sake Bar is located in the Japan Pavilion outside across from the Mitsukoshi Department Store.


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It’s as good of an opportunity as any to try a glass of sake, an alcoholic beverage fermented from rice. If you’re less sure about sipping a glass straight, you can order a mixed cocktail.

Sparkling Sake Hana Awaka Epcot

Lisa gave the sparkling sake. It’s served chilled out of these precious little pink bottles. The carbonation helps ease the flavor of the sake – quite good.

Tokyo Sunset Review Epcot Japan

The Tokyo Sunset with coconut rum is perhaps the least authentic beverage here and unfortunately, it’s not particularly good, dominated by cheap rum and pineapple juice.

Sake Flight Review Epcot

A Sake Flight is available.

Japan Pavilion Sake Flight Epcot

The Japanese cast members are among the nicest people that probably exist in the world. Your three sakes are placed on this helpful diagram with the cast member explaining a bit about each as they’re poured from the bottle. The sweetest sake is on the right and it was recommended to finish with that one.

Epcot Sake Flight

The regular pour is about four ounces, so three 2oz samples around this price point is a decent value. The nigori is only about $7 for 750ml at the store, so I would shy away from ordering the larger cup for $7.98. The “Beautiful Boy” is around $22 and the Daiginjyo runs around $28, making them better values here. Anyway, it was fun to try each individually – the differences in flavors and smoothness are interesting and obvious.

Frozen Strawberry Sake Epcot

The Sake Bar cocktails are potentially a good choice if you’re in the market for something that isn’t a beer or a frozen drink with a splash of vodka or rum. The Frozen Strawberry  is sweet with very little alcohol taste. And with sake not being particularly alcoholic to start with, you’d fit in just fine with one of these in your hand without much concern over throwing up in the bushes with the 17 year olds by the time you arrive in Morocco.

Green Tea Sake Cocktail Epcot Japan

The Green Tea Sake Cocktail is similar, though much creamier and less sweet.

Epcot Japan Pineapple Sake Cocktail

An example of the Pineapple Sake Cocktail. It tasted very much like a pina colada. There isn’t a lot, if any, flavor from the sake. The pineapple flavor overwhelmed it. If you really like pina coladas, this would be a good, cold, refreshing choice. It was quite refreshing, though the booziness is questionable.


  1. Scrump says

    The Strawberry Amasake Mist was a huge hit with my crew in October, during Food & Wine. The second day we ordered them, they made sure to inform me TWICE that there was alcohol in it. I wonder how many toddlers they got drunk the day before!

  2. Trudy says

    Have you ever sampled the different sakes (the straight ones, not the coctails)? Just wondering how they compare. Are you willing to take one for the team and taste test them for us?

    Where there are two different prices, does that mean by the glass vs a small caraf?

  3. josh says

    Interesting point about the pricing. I’m not sure if it’s a small/large thing or what. I wouldn’t be much help on sake tasting I don’t think. You’d probably be better off with Google.

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