Funnel Cakes

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated.

Epcot Funnel Cakes United States

Funnel Cakes is located in between the Japan and United Stations Pavilions.

Menu Epcot Funnel Cakes

It offers the usual Disney Funnel Cakes along with a kit and usually a seasonal recipe.  In the fall, expect it to be pumpkin. Summer is often strawberry.

Disney Chocolate Funnel Cake
Epcot Apple Funnel Cake
Disney Funnel Cake Chocolate Sauce

While these aren’t the best funnel cake pictures, Disney’s version of fried dough and assorted toppings is pretty good. At $6+, they’re expensive, but easily sharable and a filling snack for two or three people. And not to mention, very patriotic.


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