Fife & Drum Tavern

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated.

Fife and Drum Tavern is located at the front of the United States Pavilion in front of Liberty Inn. It has a ton of tables behind it or you can take your purchases into Liberty Inn for some air-conditioned seating.

This is the best place to get many Disney favorites in the World Showcase, including the Turkey Leg, Popcorn, and Mickey Pretzel.

I’ll start with the best, and most important item on the menu, since the following will mostly be a rehash of the same items found here and elsewhere. This is one of the more refreshing desserts available at Disney World and othing says “The American Dream” like two flavors of Fanta Icee mixed with vanilla soft serve.  It’s some of the best $4.00 I’ve spent at Walt Disney World.  Icee + ice cream = genius. If you’re looking for something cold and refreshing around the United States, this is definitely on your short list. Plus it comes with one of those straws with the cute little spoon on one end. Love it!

Second most important is the Red Stag Lemonade. The recipe changed late in 2012 and the portion size is now much larger. The previous Lemonade had less ice and was so strong that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they received complaints about it. It didn’t quite taste like something I’d make (strong), but it was close.  There’s probably a similar amount of bourbon in the new version, but it’s much less offensive because the ice helps dilute the flavor from the bourbon. In fact, there’s only a slight bourbon taste, which is helped by the sweetness in the Cherry Or Honey Tea Red Stag. I highly recommend it as it’s quite refreshing and will help cool you off in the summer.

Much like movie theater popcorn, Disney popcorn is addictive – extremely salty with that fake butter flavor. Absolutely delicious, but be careful!  It’s hard to put down.

The Mickey Pretzel is about as creepy as it is soft and satisfying. Being so popular here, the supply is constantly refreshed and you’re virtually guaranteed an oven-fresh pretzel. Very good dipped into the cheese sauce.

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel:

The cheese makes the Pretzel heartier than most. It isn’t particularly spicy, but has a nice flavor and they’re served warm. It’s a very good use of a snack credit and not a terrible value out of pocket. They are nicely sized.

Cream Cheese Pretzel:

These are really good when they’re fresh and hot. They’re not too sweet or heavy.

Cream cheese runs along the inside of the pretzel. This is still an item that may be best shared among two or more people. It’s a bit much to consume for one if you’ve eaten recently. I usually prefer a Mickey Pretzel and side of Cheese Sauce, but the Cream Cheese Pretzel makes for a nice dessert or heavier snack.

An example of the Disney Frozen Slushes as seen at Magic Kingdom. They’re similar here – full of sugar and served at a nice cold temperature. In the summer, they’ll cool you down 20 degrees. They’re basically a 16 ounce Icee for $4.

The Doofenslurper:

The Doofenslurper is served in a fun, plastic souvenir beaker that you can take home.

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